Rosemary Smoker Pellets

Rosemary Smoker Pellets

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Grill Armor 100% All-Natural Rosemary Pellets for Smokers and Pellet Grills, BBQ, Bake, Roast, and Grill - 1lb Bag Last Up To 25-30 Hours of Smoking. Receive a FREE e-Book: BBQ DELIGHT - Grilling tips and recipes with your order!

  • Infuse Food With Flavor:

Each rosemary pellet bag comes with 1lbs of 100% natural rosemary pellets that are low moisture and pair well with most grills making them perfect for adding a smoky, balanced, and earthy flavor to your favorite meats and veggies

  • 100% All-Natural Pellets:

Not all smoker pellets are made equal. Our rosemary pellets for smoker are pesticide-free, contain no fillers, no artificial flavors, no additives and are made using only pure rosemary that pair with any other wood pellets that burn cleanly and evenly for balanced infusing. Each 1lb bag provides up to 25 to 30 hours of smoking

  • Versatile Ways To Enjoy:

For smokers, blend 10-15% rosemary pellets with basic wood pellets for a perfect infusion. Follow your preferred time and temperature guidelines for a flavor-packed outcome. In covered BBQs, use our pellets in the smoker's box or built-in chamber to unlock a world of unique rosemary-infused creations. Suitable for any meat including chicken, fish, pork, seafood, and veggies to provide a consistent and natural rosemary flavor

  • Suitable For All Grills And Smokers:

Our rosemary spice pellets provide the perfect fit for a wide range of grills including gas grills, charcoal grills, smoker boxes, wood fired pizza ovens, indoor smokers, and more to infuse a delicate smoky flavor to your recipes

  • Simple To Use:

The rosemary herb pellets are made to be used with other wood pellets as a to elevate your BBQ game. Simply load the pellets (about 10% to 15%) into your smoker’s pellet hopper, wait for the smoker to come to your desired temperature, and start infusing meats with delicious flavor

  • Material : 100% All-Natural Rosemary
  • Compatibility : All Grills And Smokers
  • Number of Pieces : 1lb Bag 25-30 Hours of Smoking

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