The grill armor gloves™ story – bringing armor to the market

Why go into the business of making the toughest, most heat-resistant Grill & Oven gloves? Here at StarMade Group, we’ve heard that question millions of times. Instead of answering that in the most straightforward way possible, we usually respond by asking another question. “Why not make cooking much safer?” we ask. Being safe is still one of the key ingredients of fun, right? Besides, being burned badly is a surefire way of making the grill, the oven, or even the food itself look scary (trauma is a real thing, after all).

Heat guard’s beginnings

Being cooking lovers ourselves, we never miss an opportunity for a good cookout. If it’s in the kitchen,the outdoor grill, or at the campsite, we enjoy great times with family and friends.

Being that, we discover a great need for better protection when cooking and grilling so we set out to create the best line of heat resistant cooking gloves with a simple goal, focusing on the three most important things: Quality, Value and Customer Service.

We do what we do for the sake of your safety and enjoyment.

  • Our hand guards protect you from flesh-burning food (even the tastiest meals can burn you if they’re hot enough).
  • Keeps you safe while grilling and cooking (say goodbye to injuries that stem from accidental touches).
  • Are you afraid of setting up the fireplace or campfire? Our oven gloves give you the confidence you need.
  • Is there a need for extra protection while doing all sorts of things at home? Well, our gloves could serve as an all-around harm shield.

You’re interested now, eh?

After reading all these perks about wearing our gloves, it’s fine if you’re suddenly interested to discover all kinds of things about us and our products. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Remember, we don’t just make BBQ or oven gloves, we care about you in ways you don’t even expect.