Grill Armor Waterproof Oven Gloves

Grill Armor Waterproof Oven Gloves

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The new Grill Armor waterproof oven gloves are made with Food-Grade neoprene rubber. They are water, fire & stain resistant. Designed with insulated textured palm non-slip five finger flex design so you can manage wet or greasy meat in your smoker or bbq and make pulled pork like the pros. Receive a FREE e-Book: BBQ DELIGHT - Grilling tips and recipes with your order!

  • Extreme Heat Resistance

Certified with the international EN407 safety standards that can withstand heat up to 932 °F.

  • High-Quality Material

Made with top quality Food-Grade 100% waterproof neoprene rubber. (CAUTION: please test in cold water in case of any defective gloves!)

  • Special Grip Surface

With added grip for firmly grabbing slippery surfaces.

  • Comfortable

Lined with 100% cotton for maximum comfort even with prolonged use.

  • Versatile

The flexible waterproof neoprene coating is resistant to heat, grease, oil, water and stains and even chemical liquid.

  • Easy to Clean

Hand wash with soap and water and hang to dry.

  • Outer Material : Food-Grade neoprene rubber
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 14 x 7 x 1 inches
  • Product Care Instructions : Hand Wash
  • Fill Material : Cotton
  • Number of Pieces : 2

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