April 28, 2020

10 Best BBQ Gloves For 2020 (Reviews & Buyer's Guide)

Best BBQ Gloves Reviewed

Let us have a look at the best BBQ glove options. If you love to have barbecue time, then it is must for you to first wear these gloves for the safety of your hands...

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November 24, 2019

WIN GRILL ARMOR GLOVES TODAY! | Emily Reviews' Giveaway


Emily Reviews, a lifestyle blog since 2009 is giving away not just one but most of the variants of the Number 1 Heat Resistant Gloves in the market today - Grill Armor Gloves.

StarMade Group LLC has been producing grilling gloves since 2013 and this holiday season, Emily Reviews will give an opportunity to own one the topselling gloves for free. Check the giveaway here.

Laurie who has been their contributor since 2011 has personally tried the gloves and is willing to let you know first hand if her reviews matches yours. To know more about her review and giveaway, click here to visit their website.

Take note, (3) three winners will each receive a pair of Grill Armor Gloves in their choice of style. This is a US giveaway and it is scheduled to end on 11/24/2019.

About Emily Reviews

Emily Reviews is a lifestyle blog founded in 2009. Emily Evert is the blog owner, and contributors are Laurie, Miranda, Lakota, Asha, and Amber, all women in their 20s or 30s living within the US. Health-conscious, avoids wasting money, by investing in products that may cost more but offer better quality or additional benefits. Visit their website to know more about Emily Reviews.



October 15, 2019

Another Youtuber Get to Test Grill Armor Gloves

Cast Iron Cookware has joined the band and tested two of the 7 variants of Grill Armor Gloves.

Stephen T. Strawn the owner of YouTube channel Cast Iron Cookware has been long intrigued by how Grill Armor Gloves would fare on his life collections, Cast Iron Cookware.

After inquiring about the possibility of testing one of our gloves, StarMade Group sent two of the top-selling variants that they sell. The Grill Armor Oven Latex Waterproof Gloves and Grey Knitted Gloves. The 15-minute video as you will notice did not have a lot of editions as they were pretty much straight forward description and comparison to the gloves that he personally used before.

He talked about the design, with a side-by-side distinction of other gloves’ design including the advantages of having a five-finger design that the Grill Armor Gloves has. It also helps that Stephen uploaded a high definition 1080-pixel video review that exposes the details of the gloves. Especially when he held on a potato and explained how he can control and feel if the potato is cooked or not. Stephen emphasized the importance of gloves’ design for specialized grilling activities.

Stephen also did a demo of the Grill Armor Waterproof Gloves. He took some of the corn on the cob from boiling water placed inside the pot. He admits that he feels a little bit of warmth but did not experience any issues in using the gloves more than its boiling point.

He also took the time to show how to properly wear and remove the gloves from his hands. This part was necessary to make sure your gloves will last for a long time. Washing the gloves as also explained in the video is easy. Just use soap and tap water (instead of a hot one) to wash them.

Cast Iron Cookware has more than 3,100 active subscribers and has been viewed for more than 300,000 times. His videos are mostly about grilling and product reviews on cooking gadgets he uses. Please subscribe and watch his 72 videos here.

August 20, 2019

Grill Armor Gloves Now Sells Through Ace Hardware and The Grommet


Top-selling Grill Armor Gloves is now Available in Ace Hardware and The Grommet

MIAMI FL – StarMade Group the leading manufacturer of grilling gloves for half a decade now has expanded their business and complement the progress they previously achieved on the worldwide web.

Ace Hardware and Grommet are now retailing the uniquely designed Grill Armor Gloves. Currently available in 7 different variants, the very popular oven gloves have been dominating the US market for the last couple of years. Known for its revolutionary 932 °F heat resistance, they are expected to solidify the stronghold on the American households with the distribution of these giant Corporations.

Proven to be a manufacturer of quality home improvement products, StarMade has sold more than 200,000 pair of gloves since their introduction in 2014.

Known as the Birthplace of Citizen Commerce, and initially started as an e-commerce store, The Grommet markets and sells new and innovative products created by independent entrepreneurs. Having been acquired by Ace Hardware in 2017, Grommet continues to revolutionize buying experience both online and through the store. 

And with the recent partnership, the evidently trusted kitchen gloves, and ever-growing 5000 Ace Hardware store, Grill Armor Gloves could be the household name for America’s grilling gloves.

About the Companies

Grill Armor Gloves is one of the more popular gloves in Amazon.com. Its submitted reviews are more than 2000 during this publication. Owned by StarMade Group, the company continues to produced quality products from kitchen and home improvement.

Ace Hardware Corporation is an American hardware retailers' cooperative based in Oak Brook, Illinois, United States. It is the world's largest hardware retail cooperative, and the largest non-grocery American retail cooperative.

The Grommet is a product launch platform that finds unique, undiscovered products and helps them succeed. Its mission is to level the playing field to help the best products win — and help innovative small businesses to succeed.

August 19, 2019

Grill Armor Gloves is now available in Canada and Australia


Grill Armor Gloves, the leading grilling oven gloves on the market today conquers a different country and a different continent. 

After half a decade of dominating the US market, Grill Armor Gloves will now sell in Canada and the country down under, Australia.

Sold about 200,000 pairs of gloves and backed by about more than 2000 reviews, Grill Armor Gloves will certainly be considered to replace the traditional oven mitts in a kitchen. 

It is an exciting time for grilling enthusiasts as the holiday season is fast approaching.

For Canada residents, be sure to check Grill Armor Gloves in Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.au if you are buying it from Australia.


November 13, 2018

Grommet Now Sells Grill Armor Gloves

Are you searching for products online? What is your go-to online store? Amazon, Alibaba or eBay? Don't you feel the tediousness of the wide range of product on the internet? Well, Grommet is the answer to your wearies.

Grommet, looks, examines, tests and chooses the product for you. You just need to decide how many pieces or sets to buy.

And for Grilling Gloves, Grommet chose to present you, Grill Armor Gloves.


Grill Armor Gloves: 932°F Heat-Resistant Grilling Gloves


Grill Armor heat-resistant gloves for cooking, baking, grilling, and other protective jobs around the house are the extra layer of defense you want when you’re around heat. A pair can handle temperatures up to a whopping 932° Fahrenheit, so tasks like checking on piping hot dishes and moving grill grates and oven racks are safely handled. Boiling lobsters or pasta, or doing some canning? Go for a waterproof pair that is just as protective. 

A lining of Aramid built into the gloves is where the heat-shielding power comes from. The material is similar to Kevlar and is often used in flame-resistant and heat-protective clothing. On the outside, a silicone coating gives the flexible gloves extra grip. So you can feel more confident and safer when you’re around high heat.

Grommet sells both variants of Grill Armor Gloves: Knitted Grill Armor Gloves and the Waterproof Grill Armor Oven Latex Gloves.


Quick Questions

How heat-resistant are these?

These gloves are heat resistant up to 932° Fahrenheit. They are EN407 certified oven and grilling gloves and provide the highest heat rating for protective gloves on the market today. 

Please do not use gloves over recommended max temperature. Contact temperature(F)(C) and threshold time in second(s)* as certified by EN407, CTC Safety Agency:
932° Fahrenheit (500° Celcius) 12s to 14s
662° Fahrenheit (350° Celcius) 16s to 18s
482° Fahrenheit (250° Celcius) 21s to 23s
212° Fahrenheit (100° Celcius) 55s to 61s
*The time at which the inner surface temperature of the gloves becomes uncomfortable for the user.


What materials are used to make these gloves heat- and flame-resistant?

The secret to the effectiveness of these heat-resistant gloves is that they feature an inside lining made from Aramid (similar to Kevlar), cotton, and polyester. Aramid is used for making both flame-resistant clothing and heat-protective clothing—keeping your hands safe while also being comfortable and easy to use. Aramid fibers are a class of heat-resistant and extremely durable synthetic fibers.


How do I care for the gloves?

To clean the gloves, machine wash on cotton setting with non-chlorine bleach only. Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach as this may damage protective outer lining of glove. Air dry only. 

To treat stains, spot-treat with pre-wash stain remover and allow to sit for several minutes before washing. Wash regularly to prevent grease build up on gloves. To dry the gloves, wring out lightly after washing and place on drying rack or clothesline to air dry. Do not use gloves while still wet as this can allow heat to penetrate glove.
November 08, 2018

EpicReviewGuys get to try Grill Armor Oven Latex Gloves

Parris tries the new Grill Armor Oven Latex Gloves.

For a vlogger that has been reviewing almost everything from tech gadgets, health and beauty improvement products, toys both classic and new, it is quite interesting to see what he thinks about StarMade's Grill Armor Oven Latex Gloves.

As an old time user of the Knitted Grey Grill Armor Gloves, we sent Parris a pair of our newly launched waterproof gloves and see if the gloves are really an instant hit or its performance are just a plain myth.

With their subscribers numbering to more than 133,000 Parris has proven how reliable his reviews are. We are actually a fan and we will keep watching for your new videos. If you are looking for true and honest reviews, don’t forget to subscribe to EpicReviewGuys. You can also follow him to their Social Media Networks.

May 02, 2017

10 Best Oven Mitts

This was originally published at  EZ Vid.

Time To Glove Up
Cooking is a joy for those who love to eat and serve others. The kitchen is considered a cook's domain, their castle, the place where they create feasts for family, friends, and anybody who dares to love food. With that joy also comes a great deal of responsibility and common sense. Working with food requires the use of a lot of equipment, like ovens. Let's face it. Ovens get hot and it can be easy to get burned or singed when removing pots, pans, and other materials during the baking and cooking process. For that reason, you'll need a good pair of oven mitts to maintain the maximum amount of protection from potential burns and splatters. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there to keep you safe.

An oven mitt is an insulated glove (or mitten) that is worn over the hand in the kitchen to protect the skin from severe burns that come from hot foods, heating elements, stoves, or other hazards experienced while cooking.

The majority of oven mitts consist of some amount of heat insulation and are surrounded by heavy-duty cotton fabrics. Premium-quality oven mitts are often treated with silicone, making them resistant to water and stains. They can also be composed of other durable and synthetic materials, like Kevlar and Nomex. Textile gloves with decorative patterns are often machine washable, which makes sense for both the professional and home cook.

The degree of heat protection oven mitts provide really depends on the material from which they're made. Those made from fabric typically protect hands from temperatures up to two hundred degrees Fahrenheit (ninety-three degrees Celsius), whereas those mitts with silicone materials can provide protection up to five hundred degrees Fahrenheit (two hundred degrees Celsius).

Certain oven gloves have also been designed with individual finger sockets, making it easier to maintain a strong grip around your kitchenware as opposed to gloves having 2 separate sections for your thumb and remaining 4 fingers.

Many oven gloves are sold individually to offer customized fits for both the left and right hand, but they're also known to come in pairs depending on the brand.

Finally, if you enjoy a lot of bright colors in the kitchen, you'll be excitedly overwhelmed by the number of attractive color combinations and designs you can find on oven mitts. Designs can vary from anything such has hearts, to animals, to cartoon characters. For oven mitts, the sky truly seems to be the limit.



Oven Mitts Aplenty

It is a given that a pair of oven mitts should be functional. In other words, the mitts should protect you from burns. However, this idea is like saying that a doctor should wash their hands between appointments with patients. As simplistic as the concept may seem, some cooks may not realize it when they sacrifice functionality and practicality for design and style. The good news with many oven mitts is that you can have both.

Oven mitts should be relatively easy to wash and keep clean. It's inevitable that at some point during the cooking process, those gloves are going to get dirty. Are you working with hot pasta sauce? Prepare for splatters. Are you carrying hot soup or stew pots around the kitchen and to the dinner table? That soup or stew will eventually stain your apron and gloves, regardless of how careful you try to be.

Extra length definitely comes in handy, since it can be just as easy to burn your wrist and arms on a heating element or stovetop as it is your fingers. Your wrists and arms will thank you for the additional length and protection.

Oven mitts should also be comfortable. After all, you may have them on for a while, so you don't want your hands to feel cramped, become overheated, or start to sweat unnecessarily when you need to concentrate. For that reason, pay attention to the shape of the oven mitts as you shop. They need to fit easily over your hands and fingers.

Consider the type of cookware you use before investing in your oven mitts. For example, if you use a lot of ceramic and cast iron pots and pans in the kitchen, be sure your gloves have adequate heat resistance. Silicone construction is often a good choice in such a scenario.

A Brief History Of Oven Mitts
The story goes that the first pair of practical oven mitts were invented back in the 1870s by a fellow named Earl Mitt, the owner of a Texas bakery. Earl ended up badly burning himself on a cooking utensil and crafted a glove made from a combination of wool and shoe leather to prevent further injuries.

Some of the earliest patented oven mitts that followed Earl Mitt's design in the 1890s used paper as an insulating material. While logical, paper didn't provide the same degree of protection that heavier synthetic materials and fabric would later deliver. Since that era and the discovery of silicone with its heat resistant properties, Earl Mitt's loss was an industry gain in that materials improved greatly over time, thanks to his initial invention. This served to revolutionize the original design and is a definite upgrade from the traditional cotton insulated gloves that the Texan invented.

Today, oven mitts are available in virtually any color you can imagine and in most any style.

Preparing Food Safely - Grill Armor Gloves

Preparing Food Safely

Most conscientious cooks use common sense when preparing or storing food. But common sense in food preparation doesn't just happen -it is learned. This learning happens and when we forget where we learned it, we call it common sense.

Here are just a few pointers to refresh and reinforce your common sense as you are preparing your current meal or storing it for future use.

- Food safety actually starts with your excursion to the supermarket. Pick up the packaged or canned foods. Do the cans have dents? Don't buy them. Is the jar cracked? Leave it. Does the lid seem loose or bulging? Pick up another. Look for any expiration dates on the labels -they are there for a reason. Never buy outdated food. Check the "use by" or "sell by" date on dairy products and pick the ones that will stay fresh the longest.

- After grocery shopping, put food into the refrigerator or freezer right away. Make sure to set the refrigerator temperature is set to 40 deg F and the freezer is set to 0 F. Refrigerate or freeze perishables, prepared foods, and leftovers within 2 hours. Raw meat, poultry, and seafood should be placed in containers to prevent their juices from dripping on other foods. Raw juices could possibly harbor harmful bacteria. Eggs always go in the refrigerator.

- Always cook food thoroughly until it is done. Red meat should turn brown inside. Chicken, when poked with a fork, should have clear juices. Fish, on the other hand, when poked with a fork, should flake. Cooked egg whites and yolks should be firm and not run. Be sure to use a food thermometer to check the internal temperatures of your poultry, meat, and other foods. Leave it in long enough to ensure an accurate reading.

- Wash your hands and cooking surfaces frequently. Bacteria can be spread quickly so this will ensure that it will not take hold and grow onto your food. A solution of one teaspoon of bleach in one quart of water is all that is needed to sanitize washed surfaces and utensils.

- Cooked foods should definitely not be left standing in the kitchen counter or table for more than two hours. Bacteria tends to grow in temperatures between 40 and 140 deg F.

- Foods that have been cooked ahead and cooled should be reheated to at least 165 deg F. (This just so happens to be one of the most overlooked areas in food prep).

- Chill Leftover Food Promptly. Place food in the refrigerator and don't overfill. The cold air needs to circulate freely to keep food safe. Divide the food and place in shallow containers. Think about labeling some of these containers so you don't lose track of how long they've been refrigerating.

These are just a few pointers that you already know, but need to keep remembering. If you follow these basics you will avoid most of the 'disasters in waiting'!

3 Easy Ways to Cook Chicken Recipes for a Lovely Treat

3 Easy Ways to Cook Chicken Recipes for a Lovely Treat

We all love spicy chicken; except if you are allergic or you just can't love spicy food. Being a chicken lover myself, I have collected 3 hot n' spicy recipes for you to try out in your chicken today or anytime you would like to treat yourself for a deelicious meal; they make good family specials as well! Although they have similar names, they are very different. Perhaps their origins differ.

Hot N' Spicy Chicken Recipe

#1. Spicy Chicken Wings

- 1 lg. can Parmesan cheese
- 2 tbsp. oregano
- 4 tbsp. parsley
- 1 tsp. salt
- 1 tsp. pepper
- 1 stick margarine
- 4-5 lbs. chicken wings

Line cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Melt margarine in small pan. Cut up chicken wings. Discard tips. Mix all dry ingredients in bowl. Dunk chicken wings in margarine and roll in cheese mixture. Place on cookie sheet. Bake in preheated 350-degree oven for 1 hour. Serve warm.

#2. Hot Chicken Wings

Chicken wings
1/2 stick margarine
1 bottle Durkee hot sauce
2 tbsp. honey
10 shakes Tabasco
2 tsp. cayenne pepper (optional)

Deep fry wings for 20 minutes. Drain and dip and let set in sauce. Take out to dry and then serve.

#3. Hot-N-Spicy Chicken Wings

5 lbs. bag chicken wings (drumettes)
12 fl. oz. Louisiana Pre Crystal Hot Sauce
1-2 sticks butter

Fry chicken wings until golden brown and drain on paper towel. Mix hot sauce and melted butter and pour into deep pan or crock pot. Add chicken wings to sauce and heat thoroughly.

See what people say about us...

"These gloves are fantastic. I make a lot of dishes in heavy cookware and had such a hard time keeping my grip or moving the large cast iron pots. These are perfect because your whole hand is protected -- no more burns on the top of your hands, while giving you better control over what you are handing than a classic oven mitt. They're also a lifesaver if you are making anything at the top end of the temperature range."

P.J. Larson

"The gloves really work! I used them to remove hot trays from the oven, in addition to not feeling any heat at all the trays didn't slip out of my hand. I was anxious to use them while grilling and they really made the whole experience much easier. I was not worried about getting burned when I was turning the food."


"Love these gloves! I have small hands and love to bake, so I often run into problems of almost losing my grip on whatever I'm pulling out of the oven. These gloves give me a much better grip on hot cookie trays and pie dishes than the standard oven mitt. It's also a lot easier to grab oddly-shaped dishes with the dexterity of the glove, as opposed to oven mitts where you don't have a lot of control over what you're grabbing."


"I do quite a bit of smoking and it can get dicey trying to add wood chips or more water mid-smoke with your bare hands. Using oven mitts really isn't an option due to the dexterity required. These gloves seem to get the job done much better and clean up real nice."

J. Smith

To see more reviews from our fans on Amazon.com, click here.


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