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A Complete Guide to Grilling Safety Tips!

A barbeque grill gives you a distinctive experience in dining.

The grilling safety tips are as important as the grilling itself.

The barbeque is a classic outdoor spot that we use for cooking the most delicious and amazing food.

It gathers many people together for connection and fun and to have remarkable and mesmerizing moments.

So, let's get started with the good stuff, shall we?

You must also keep the grilling safety tips in your mind as bad times don't come before seeking your permission.

As it is obvious that everything has risks but the secret behind success is knowing those risks and taking all possible steps to reduce them.

Similarly, there are many grilling safety tips you need to make sure when you are cooking outdoors just as the bbq grilling.

You have to be very attentive to everything you do.

If you are not careful then the hot metals, the combining explosives fuel, and a large group of people can be a source of disaster for you.

Grilling Fire Facts:

Grilling Fire Facts

Many incidents in history have occurred due to not obeying grilling safety tips.

We have done a complete analysis of the injuries which are caused due to outdoor grilling.

Some of these are listed below:

  • From 2014 to 2018 an average of almost 20, 000 patients went to emergency rooms per year because of the injuries due to bbq grilling.
  • Half of these patients almost 48% caused injuries due to thermal burns which include both from the contact with hot bodies and the fire. While the other injuries were due to non-fire events.
  • Almost 2000 children who are under five are reported you have contact type burns per year. This was caused due to touching or falling on the grill or the part of the grill or hot coal.
  • Gas grills caused an average of 9,000 home fires per year. Out of these 3900 were the indoor fires and 4900 outdoor fires.
  • The charcoal and other solid fuelled grills were reported to cause almost 1300 home fires per year. Out of these 1300, 600 were the structure fires at 600 outside fires.

Safety Tips Which You Need to Follow:

Safety Tips

Now coming towards the most important grilling safety tips which will keep you safe and sound while cooking outdoors.

If you want to enjoy your outdoor grilling without going to the emergency room or without burning down yourself, you need to follow these grilling safety tips.

1- Choose a Safe Location for Your bbq Grill:

    This is one of the most important grilling safety tips. Deciding the location of your barbeque grill is as important as cooking it. T

    Thoughtful planning is required in this case. You must locate your barbeque grill in an area where there is no existing structure.

    You must keep in mind that you have to keep your barbeque grill away from the things that can cause a fire hazard.

    You must locate it away from the trees, decks, and any other combustible items which catch fire very quickly.

    Now if you have decided where you will locate your barbeque grill, then you have to consider other things as well.

    Such as you have to decide which type of grill you want, charcoal or gas?

    A gas barbeque grill offers you more accessories such as side burners and rotisserie also with the control of the heat.

    In a charcoal barbeque grill, it will be difficult for you to acquire the necessary items but it gives you a more distinctive flavor and atmosphere.

    Make sure to obey this grilling safety tip.

    2- Keep Your Grill Clean:

    Keep Your Grill Clean

      The next grilling safety tip is to keep your grill clean always. If you want anything to give a good function, then you must clean it.

      Without cleaning, anything can easily go rusty and non-functional. Similarly, your barbecue grill also requires regular cleaning before you use it.

      You should clean away the grease and the other build-up regularly.

      If you don't clean them regularly then these build-ups can cause flare-ups and can act as fuel for the potential fires.

      Moreover, if you place your food on an unclean and dirty grill when usually will not get the required appetizing food which a clean grill can give.

      3- Must Check Your Grill for Problems Regularly:

        The next grilling safety tips is that you must regularly check your grill for any problem or leaks.

        If you do not use your grill regularly then there are maximum, chances that your grill may develop issues like propane leagues and problems of a similar type.

        So before using you must always check it for these problems. You must take all the gas lines.

        You can also check these propane leaks by placing a little bit of soap water on the spots which appear to have potential problems.

        If bubbles occur, then you have a gas leak and you master fix it without wasting your time.

        You can also replace your grill, but make sure to follow these grilling safety tips. 

        4- Wear the Right Gear:

        Wear the Right Gear

          The clothes which you wear are also included in grilling safety tips. You must wear suitable clothes while grilling.

          The grilling gloves and long sleeves are recommended in this case. It is because they protect your arms and hands from the fire and heat.

          The chances of fire increases if you wear loose clothing while grilling.

          Even if you are having long hairs then you must keep them out of the way as they can also catch fire.

          You must keep these things in your mind if you don't want to face any problems.

          5- Always be Ready to Put Out the Fire:

          In situations like grilling, you must always expect to have fired so you must always be cautious and ready to put it out.

          This is an important part of grilling safety tips.

          It is because usually when big fires and flare-ups occur the people lose their consciousness, which makes the situations much more difficult.

          You must always keep baking soda with you as it is a good option supporting the free fire.

          You must keep in mind these grilling safety tips and also keep the fire extinguisher nearby.

          You must make sure that you know how to operate your fire extinguisher, and also it must be in the working condition.

          Even if you are not able to put out the fire and the situations go out of hand then do not wait to call 911 for help. 

          6- Use the Lighter Fluid Carefully:

          Use the Lighter Fluid Carefully

          You need not use the lighter fluid in most of the cases. However, people use it for starting the charcoal grills.

          So the next grilling safety tips are that you must be careful while using it as it can add fuel to the fire.

          Keep in mind that you must only use this lighter fluid to make the charcoal grill on fire.

          Another thing to take care of is that you must use it sparingly. Do not add the lighter fluid if your grill has already been lighted and is doing well.

          7- Keep the Gas Turned off When Your Grill is Closed:

            This is the next grilling safety tips that most people do not follow. They mistakenly keep the gas connection on.

            They can also mistakenly turn the gas without opening the grill lid. Due to this, the propane begins to feel your grill.

            And when you light off your grill your girl filter into a fireball. This can cause massive damage.

            So you must always remember to open up the lid so that the propane can get out of your grill.

            And then you can easily light up your grill. You must follow these grilling safety tips.

            8- Never Leave Your Grill Unattended:

            Never Leave Your Grill Unattended

              This is the next grilling safety tips that most people do not follow.

              While enjoying the parties and family gatherings you forget your grill and keep it unattended while cooking.

              Leaving your grill unattended is the same as you have burnt the hamburgers for dinner. But leaving it for a large time may also cause a big fire.

              In most of the cases, the children also go near the grill and get themselves burnt because of your absence.

              So if you don't want to experience such mishaps then you must make sure to follow these grilling safety tips and that you are around the grill till you finish your cooking.

              Also, remember to keep the children and your pets away from the grilling area while cooking.

              Young children and pets are not aware of such types of things so they go near the grill most probably.

              So you can also make your kids aware, but telling them the dangerous consequences.



              I hope that I have given you all the necessary grilling safety tips.

              If you follow them, you will never experience any mishap during the grilling process.

              All you need to do is read this article carefully and try your best to adhere to these instructions and grilling safety tips.

              Yet, if some ambiguity is still left then you can ask us without hesitating. It would be a matter of pleasure for us to answer that.

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