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7 Best Cuts of Beef to Smoke (& How to Cook Them Perfectly)

There are few things which are more delicious than smoked meat on this great spinning rock in the sky that we call Earth.

We have come to realise the privilege of eating good food in our time here at the manual.

A fine piece of smoked meat is an art product which is doing it right requires patience, talent and know-how.

Even if the pitmasters are not in agreement on the finger so we still agree to one thing and also be confident that smoking meat is just loved and also freaking awesome.

Before refrigerators and chemicals were invented smoke originated as a way to preserve food back like the old days if you know.

Modern cooking methods have become rather omnipresent to sheer the delicacy of smoke food and it is also the tradition alive which has kept in our culture.

Humanity has identified the best techniques through your culinary error and trial of smoking and in this process they have old practice and also elevated to a level of mastery equal to any other cooking effort.

Many people have published books about the topic of best beef smoke so it doesn't take years to know how to smoke your brisket which is contrary to common opinion.

We have also put together all the information by which you can immerse yourself right and can also start smoking your meat perfectly like a pro within a day.

So, let's get started.

Best Beef To Smoke:

Best Beef to Smoke

Preparing a beefsteak is not a difficult task. You can easily cook it in an electric smoker but at first, you have to follow the recipe ingredients.

First, you have to cut your beef into pieces and then marinated with different spices. After marination, put your beef brisket in the refrigerator overnight. 

Then you have to Preheat your electric smoker at 225 degrees Fahrenheit and put your beef steak into the smoker for 3 hours.

3 to 4 hours is the maximum time to cook your beef perfectly because if it does not cook perfectly then again give the bed the bad taste of your food.

So if you want to give a delicious taste and a moist texture to your beef, cook it for 3 hours approximately.

When it is ready then you have to set your electric smoker to smoke your beef.

As you all know that there are many wood flavours by which you can easily give the delicious taste to your food and these wood chips can give sweet and savoury taste to your beef.

Set your chip tray with some bowl water and then put the wood chips inside the smoker.

When it is ready to smoke, put your beef inside the electric smoker and rest it for 1 hour.

Keep this thing in mind then don't smoke your food too much because it gives a burnt taste and it can make your beef hard.

So time is very important while you are cooking your food. In this article, we can recommend you with the best electric smokers so you can easily use any of them at home and can also take these electric smokers with you when you are travelling.

Follow the recipe and steps to make your beef brisket perfect and smoke it to give a wonderful flavour to your food.

When you smoke your food it gives a wonderful aroma and texture to your item by which your family and friends get happy and they also appreciate you because you can cook the restaurant-style food at your home easily with the help of the electric smokers.

Now we will tell you about the best wood chips flavour by which you can give a wonderful flavour of smoke to your food.

Those wood flavours are the following:

  1. Maple.
  2. Apple.
  3. Hickory.
  4. Alder.
  5. Pecan.
  6. Oak.
  7. Cherry.
  8. Mesquite.


    If you want a sweet and delicate taste in your food, you have to give the Maplewood smoke to your brisket because it gives a delicate taste and also tends to darken your meat while smoking.

    The Maple wood is actually used for ham and poultry meat but you can also use it with the combination of alder wood, Applewood and Oak.

    This combination can give a strong smoke but also gives a wonderful texture to your beef brisket.


    Applewood can give the food a sweet smoke and also has a fruitful flavour. It is used for pork, poultry and fish pairs wonderfully but you can also use it for beef brisket.

    Applewood can moist your beef and also gives the wonderful Aroma to your item. If you want to give fruitful flavour so applewood is the best smoker for your food.


    Hickory is ideal for ribs and especially for red meat because it can give a distinct and strong flavour to your food.

    The strong flavour can make your beef more delicious and also give the taste of restaurant-style beef brisket.

    This kind of wood can make your life easy because it can also save you from burning because you can use these woods in an electric smoker chip tray.


    Alder is very great for pairing with poultry, fish and any white meat or you can also use it for red meat.

    It can give a sweet and light natural flavour to your food. Everyone loves to give the smoke of this wood because of the naturally sweet flavour. 


    Pecan can give some fruity flavour to your meat and can also be cooler than most of the Barbeque Woods.

    This is similar to hickory wood which is typically used for large cuts such as for roasting brisket, ribs and you may also use it for the compliment poultry, beef and ribs.


    If you want to make large meat cuts then ok is the great wood for your food because it can take a long time to cook and it has also the strongest flavour which will surface the longer the smoker’s beef. 


    If you want to give the flavour of cherry wood so it is better to give the combination of Hickory,

    Alder and Oakwood with the cherry wood because it is the best suited for pork and red meat.

    It can give a wonderful flavour with the combination of these woods.

    Cherry flavour can make your beef more delicious because it gives a wonderful aroma of smoke to your food.


    Undoubtedly mesquite is the most pungent wood for your beef and you can chew and can also ensure it quickly which overwhelms the meat if you use it inappropriately.

    If you want to go with large cuts with my mesquite so avoid it because it can take longer cooking time.

    You made it for a combination of other woods too.

    7 Best Cuts to Make Your Beef Perfectly

    Looking to have a Barbecue this weekend?

    So you have just come to the right place because knowing what cut of beef you should be serving your friends or family can be confusing.

    But your concern can stop right here because besides that in a smoker you get tired of reading super long posts about the recipe of the best beef you can smoke.

    Perhaps not even finishing half of them and scanning them.

    Nowadays you all know that bbq smoking is very popular.

    You will find a lot of information in this article about the best beef brisket and the Cuts of the beef.

    We all know that beef cuts are very important and you are going to find out why they are here.

    The best beef for smoking is the brisket, chuck, roast, rib, top sirloin, round and flank steak cutting.

    In this article, you must know what makes every cut great and how it can help you to decide or choose which cut of beef is best for brisket.

    You must know which cut is best for your bbq or for your other gatherings.

    Here are the following seven cuts for your bbq:

    1. Beef Brisket:

    Beef brisket

    It is the best method to smoke your brisket which is perhaps the most common meat to smoke your beef and definitely it is the finest cut piece to smoke your brisket.

    We will tell you that it is a type of barbecue. The beautiful cut can sum up what is to cook outside and it is the smoking process of a broad piece of the brisket.

    It is mouth-watering to succulent and juicy meat on a platter.

    If you are looking for good meat but are so scared about everything but it can easily smoke and also gives the best Aroma to your beef brisket.

    Beef biscuit is tender, tough and also packed with wonderful flavour.

    It is full of flavour and the tough fibre is meaty in this process. 

    You can also add many flavours in the beef brisket if you want it and unlike many other kinds of briskets made does not need bringing so this is the key to select the best piece of meat that is perfect for your party.

    There are also some key facts in smoking briskets and the facts are:

    They have an internal temperature which should be about 205-degree Fahrenheit.

    The cooking time of the beef brisket is 10 to 14 hours because it can cook perfectly and also gives the best texture to your beef.

    We can also prefer different types of wood for smoking like cherry, hickory, oak and pecan. 

    You can also choose these tips to try a lot of tender texture, a good layer of fat and a lot of grain in it.

    The best tip for you in this beef brisket is that you have to hold up the piece of meat for a bit and can also show signs of very good bending meat because if the meat bends so it gives more tenderness to your food.

    2. Chuck Roast:

    Chuck Roast

    Many people can roast the chunk cuts because it is the best beef cut to smoke even if the brisket is on the top list.

    Tough meaty fibres of the chuck roast have the connective tissues like the construction firm of brisket and it is also common with the brisket.

    There are also key facts of chuck roast which are as follows: 

    The preferred wood for smoking is pecan or hickory for your meat because it gives the wonderful aroma of smoke to your chuck.

    You have to cook it for 5 to 6 hours approximately.

    And the internal temperature of the Chuck roast is 205-degree Fahrenheit. 

    We also recommend Spice Supreme seasoning and Weber 17148 Hickory wood chunks for the smoke.

    It does not take a long time just like brisket to smoke and the best thing for Chuck is that it has smaller cuts by which you can easily make it in an electric smoker.

    Ash brisket gets 10 hours of smoking but it only takes 5 to 6 hours so it can make your life easy.

    3. Beef Ribs:

    Many people like pork ribs but beef ribs are equally good because they can also give the same taste just like pork ribs.

    There are also some facts of beef ribs which are as follows:

    We can recommend the wood for smoking for your smoke is hickory, cherry, oak and pecan.

    The cooking time of beef ribs is 5 to 6 hours and the internal temperature is 135 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    You cannot find beef ribs easily because it is worth it. There are different beef cuts which make you confused sometimes and can also be labelled as beef ribs.

    The beef ribs can come from the plate of chuck and it is like a baby back rib because as compared to the brisket, beef ribs do not take a long time to smoke.

    It only takes 5 hours to smoke your beef rib. We can also recommend three little pigs Kansas City championship bbq and Hickory wood smoker chips of Oklahoma Joes.

    4. Tri-Tip:

    Not everyone is open to the idea of smoking the stakes because the tri-tip is one of the best meat cuts to smoke.

    It is actually a small portion taken from the big sirloin but sometimes it is confused with the sirloin. So you all deserve a good spot on this post though.

    The tri-tip is hard to find sometimes because it looks like sirloin.

    There are also some key facts of tri-tip which are as follows:

    We can prefer the best smoking woods for tri-tip is that pecan, hickory, oak and cherry.

    The cooking time of tri-tip is just 90 minutes and the internal temperature is 133 degrees Fahrenheit. Tri-tip is the lean cut of the meat and it is rendered and tenderizes the fat content if you need, so many people, unlike other meats, smoke.

    Before it is seared on the grill for a minute it takes one hour for smoking the tri-tip. We can also recommend the Camerons cherry wood chips for tri-tip and all sociology purposes of grilling spice rub.

    5. Top Round: 

    Top Round

    Top round is perfect for a smoke because it is one of the best cuts of beef by which you can easily smoke the piece.

    You can make it in many flavours and can also use it for tacos or fajita and steaks. The key facts of the top round are the following: 

    We can prefer your oak wood for smoking the top round. The maximum cooking time of the top round is 4 to 5 hours and the internal.temperature is 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The top round can be cut by the butcher in supermarkets or it is not packaged in stores.

    It tends to have small cuts because you have to buy it from supermarkets.

    If you want a more weight piece of the top round so must buy it with a butcher.

    It is also hard to do because the cut also needs dry brining. You can refrigerate it overnight after the marination of light table salt in it. 

    Don’t soak it in saltwater just coat it lightly with salt. If you want to save the top round from drying so you have to retain a lot of moisture in it.

    We also recommend the Camerons Alder smoking chips for this cut and also recommend the 4 rivers rub.

    And you must know this thing that USDA is the best choice for a top round roast.

    6. Flank Steak:

    Using low and low flame may seem unusual to smoke the stakes but we can especially prefer the rare medium instead of searing them on the grill.

    Flank steak is the best cut piece for smoking and it also has a fantastic taste. You can smoke your flank steak in a different way.

    There are also some best key facts of flank steak which are as follows:

    We prefer the best wood flavour for flank steak and that woods are hickory or mesquite.

    The maximum cooking time of the flank steak is 3 hours and the internal temperature is 145 degrees Fahrenheit. The smoking temperature is 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

    We can also recommend the grass-fed beef flank steak and Camerons products of smoking mesquite. The Jack Stack has also the best steak rub.

    7. Top Sirloin Steak:

    The top sirloin Steak is from the cow's hip and it is tougher to lean and compared to most beef cuts.

    As compared to the bottom top sirloin it is the best sirloin which can give more tenderness to your steak.

    To give better smoking to yours take this is the best cut piece for you.

    There are also some key points of smoking sirloin which are as following:

    The smoking temperature of sirloin is 225 degrees Fahrenheit and the internal temperature is 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The cooking time of top sirloin steak is 1 hour per pound and we can also prefer the best wood flavours for smoking your top sirloin is hickory and mesquite.

    You can also marinate it for 2 hours before cooking because it gives the most tender taste to your steak.

    The juiciness of the steak can keep your steak safe from drying while smoking.

    Types Of Smokers:

    As we talked about smoking the beef, here's the list of 7 types of smokers.

    1. Propane Smoker:

    Propane Smoker

    As you all know about propane smokers because they work like electrical smokers exactly but instead of heating elements they use gas-fuelled flame which can make the wood pallets smoulder.

    These are quite straightforward and also be a better choice for you and also in many areas where electricity is very scarce and expensive.

    2. Electric Smoker:

    Electric Smoker

    Electrical smokers are the best smokers which can give you moist and lovely texture by smoking with different flavours of wood.

    There are many electrical smokers you can find on Amazon easily and can smoke your food at less time in your homes.

    It is the heating element by which you can cause the wood to smoke and can also heat up a rod of an electric smoker.

    They appear to be the most imparting costly the least amount of smoke test to the other alternatives and it is also the easiest way of heat control if you need the adjustments of your temperature it can easily control the temperature of the smoke.

    3. Wood Smokers:

    Wood Smokers

    For the purest flavour, you can easily go for wood smokers because they can provide the utmost attention and can also give the best flavour to your beef brisket as they are also harder to keep them at a constant temperature than ever before.

    We only recommend wood smokers for this reason only after you have learned the basics.

    4. Charcoal Smokers:

    Charcoal Smokers

    Charcoal smokers are not on the smokers but it is a proper machine which can also grill your briskets easily when you grill a brisket so after that there is a wood chip tray by which you can easily smoke your steak or any kind of food easily.

    If you think that charcoal gives more delicious flavour than propane and electric smoker so it is true because the charcoal smoker is one of the favourite smoker among bbq Masters.

    Charcoal cigarettes seem to be cheaper so any time you choose to smoke if you do have to purchase charcoal.

    Also charcoal required the aid of modern technology and you can also start and keep a fire without this technology.

    5. Pallet Smoker:

    Pallet Smoker

    Wood smokers are also similar to pallet smokers but they have considered the wood as a convenient form of pellets.

    The pellet smoker is very easy-to-use and basically, you can put the pallets into an oven-like container rather than breaking firewood and can also feel it and babysit the blaze.

    Pellet smokers tend to be expensive as do their electric brethren.

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