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10 BBQ Dry Rubs You Can Make at Home

To up your BBQ game, we have a magic trick and tip for you.

Start making your own BBQ Dry Rubs and increase the nutritional and delicious content of your BBQ meals. All these dry rubs are easy to make.

Furthermore, people prefer making and following these DIY and home-made BBQ Dry Rubs recipes as they boost your seasoning game.

Moreover, these home-made rubs for your BBQ job come with increased health benefits.

You not only increase the texture and quality of seasoning but also manage to get rid of low-quality dry rubs.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these recipes and get back to us with your feedback.

1- Sugar and Spice Rub:

Sugar and Spice Rub

The first one and one of the exclusive BBQ Dry Rubs recipes we have for you, it is this sugar and spice rub recipe.

This recipe only needs 5 ingredients and it is extremely easy and quick to make.

In addition, this one is a versatile rub and you can freely use it on a large number of ribs and briskets.

To make this dry, you need ¼ cup of coconut. You can even go for having raw cane sugar or grab some organic brown sugar.

Add 1.5 tablespoon of chipotle chili pepper and 1 tablespoon of cumin.

Moreover, add 1 tablespoon of black pepper and 1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt. Just mix all the ingredients and your dry rub is ready.

2- Curry Dry Rub:

Next, we have this curry dry rib for you. It is immensely vibrant in taste rub that you can make on your own.

Most importantly, it is one of the much and greatly loved BBQ Dry Rubs recipes. You are going to find the taste of this dry rub bold and bright enough.

This exclusive recipe is used if you are making samosas or you are making some sort of roasted cauliflower.

Besides, using this rub is an excellent choice if you are making and roasting a delicious grilled chicken.

For making this dry rub, add cumin, garam masala, coriander, curry powder, and also turmeric powder and Pink Himalayan salt.

Mix all of these mentioned ingredients and keep this dry rub in a spice jar.

3- All-Purpose Greek Dry Rub:

Greek Dry Rub

If you have not tried making this all-purpose Greek dry rub, then here we have provided you with an easy to follow a recipe of it.

This dry rub is one of the popular and heavy in demand BBQ Dry Rubs.

Moreover, this Greek seasoning combination is extensively popular and loved by the people of North America.

You can apply this dry rub while making fish, chicken or pork, and veggies.

You might be wondering how to make it, here is a method for you. You need garlic powder, dehydrated onion, and oregano.

Add dried dill, dried basil and black pepper, and also Celtic sea salt. Get a good-quality spice jar and add these ingredients in it.

Once you make this dry rub, then keep it secure in some cool and dry place.

4- Jerk Jamaican Dry Rub:

Jerk Jamaican Dry Rub

This one is a super yummy and delicious dry rub that you can use while you are set to prepare any BBQ food.

In addition, it is a great option that you can avail while cooking sweet potatoes or lamb or even seafood.

For making this dry rub, you need some essential and common ingredients that are normally present in your kitchen.

Add organic brown sugar, garlic powder, cinnamon, all-spice, Pink Himalayan salt, and cayenne in a bowl.

Once you mix these ingredients thoroughly, then transfer this content in a spice jar.

Below we have mentioned more of the BBQ Dry Rubs recipes for our reader.


5- Lemon Herb Dry Rub:

How about trying making lemon-herb dry rub! You can surely try out this BBQ Dry Rubs recipe as it is easy to make.

The best part of this rub is that it is light. Furthermore, it is a suitable option if you are making some protein-linked food or veggies.

You only have to grab some needed ingredients and make this dry rub in a minute.

Add lemon pepper, dried oregano dried basil, and also dried thyme and Pink Himalayan salt in a small bowl.

Mix these ingredients properly and completely and transfer this dry rub in a spice jar.

This is how you make this dry rub!

6- Mexican Dry Rub:

Mexican Dry Rub

This is another dry rub that you can easily and conveniently make at home.

It not only saves your money but increases the nutritional content and value of BBQ meals at the same time.

This BBQ Dry Rubs recipe can be used if you are cooking beef, pork, or chicken.

Besides, this dry rub claims and guarantees to make and overall transform your Mexican meals a lot more exciting.

To prepare it, you need cane sugar, garlic powder, cumin, chipotle chili powder, Himalayan sea salt, and smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.

If you still have a question while making this rub, you can share that with us.

7- Moroccan Spice Dry Rub:

For most of the people, this is one of their most favorite BBQ Dry Rubs. Once you try it, then we are sure that this rub will become your favorite too.

In this rub, you are going to feel and taste that hint of cayenne and sugar sweetness. Besides, it is packed with warm and earthy flavors in it,

It is super easy to make. You need to add cumin, cinnamon, smoked paprika, and black pepper, raw cane sugar.

Make sure to add ground ginger and Himalayan salt and also cloves. This is all you need to prepare and cook this Moroccan spice dry rub.

Do prepare it at your end and share with us your views regarding how it tastes and bring nutritional content to your BBQ meals.

8- Classic BBQ Dry Rub:

Classic BBQ Dry Rub

This is a common dry rub recipe that we are mentioning to you. You can conveniently make it without any hassle.

It brings excellent taste on to your BBQ dish, you can try this magic on your own.

This BBQ Dry Rubs recipe enhances the quality of your meat and allows it to marinate with perfection. To fulfill your BBQ needs, it is time to follow this recipe.

You need kosher salt, black pepper, dried thyme, smoked paprika, and celery seed, raw cane sugar, dry mustard, cumin, and pure chile powder.

Once you have collected all the ingredients, now mix them well in a bowl and shift them in a spice jar.

This is the simplest way of making classic BBQ dry rub recipes.

9- Southwest Dry Rub:

The next dry rub that you can make quickly at your home, it is this southwest dry rub.

Most importantly, this is identified as one of the classics in taste BBQ Dry Rubs.

You can freely apply it on veggies! To make it, start to collect pure chile powder, paprika, organic brown sugar, coriander, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, and Pink Himalayan salt.

After collecting these spices, take a measuring cup and add all these spices into it. Mix them well and 100% properly.

Now, take a spice jar and add this dry rub into it. If you properly keep this rub in a spice jar, then you can use this home-made dry rub for months and months.

So, try out this popular in demand recipe and convey to us how it tastes and whether it brings any noticeable deliciousness difference into your BBQ dishes or not!

10- Blackened Seafood Dry Rub:

Blackened Seafood Dry Rub

The last dry rub recipe is this blackened seafood dry rub.

Once you successfully make this dry rub, then you are going to end up creating a delicious dinner dish at your end.

So, to prepare this BBQ Dry Rubs recipe, you need freshly ground black pepper, pink Himalayan salt, paprika, garlic salt and dried oregano, dried parsley, cayenne, and onion powder.

You have to follow the same method likewise you followed making the rest of the BBQ Dry Rubs. 

So, what’s the bottom line? Simply mix all these ingredients and spices together by taking a measuring cup and transfer them in a high-quality spice jar.

You can use this dry rub for about 6 to 8 months if you fully keep and store it in a dry and too cool place.


If you know about some other BBQ Dry Rubs recipes, then share it with us for sure.

These home-made dry rub recipes give higher nutritional content to your meals.

Furthermore, these rubs have more shelf life as compared to using a low-quality and cheap dry rub.

Moreover, BBQ Dry Rubs made at home keep your meals all delicious and interesting.

No matter, you are planning to cook chicken, pork, fish, or veggies, it is better to make dry rub at home instead of purchasing it from some grocery store.

It is time to start recreating your BBQ meal dishes, you can instantly do that by trying out these recipes first of all.

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