Smoking on a Gas Grill: Is It Possible?

Smoking on a gas grill is difficult but gas grill works best for direct grilling, indirect grilling and spit roasting.

The problem why the gas grill is not best for smoking is the bending in the gas grill that lets the smoke escape before the meat has the smoky flavour.

Although gas grills are not used for giving you a crusty bark, crimson smoke ring, and rich smoke flavour characteristics of meat these jobs are done by wood or charcoal-burning smokers. 

But there are some techniques which will definitely help you achieve some smoke flavour.

Built-In Smoker Box

Smoking on a Gas GrilL

Many high maintained gas grills come with a smoker box, a metal tray with a lid that can stand smoke and a dedicated gas burner that will help you heat the wood to smouldering.

If you want to put smoke flavour in your food while cooking in a gas grill the smoker box is the best thing for that.

You just have to put some wood chips and pellets in the box and light the burner.

The heat will burn the wood and the smoke will emerge into the lid that will definitely resolve your problem of smoky flavour meat as it will give you the greatest flavour. 

Freestanding Smoker Box

This will work as a built-in smoker box but just it will position on a grate over on the burners that you will put to burn the wood.

As soon as the wood burns the smoke will enter the lid. Then you can have a mild smoky flavour on your meat.

Wood Chunks Under The Grates


This way is the simplest and the best way to give smoke to meat with the help of a gas grill.

You just have to remove the grate and put some wood chunks in it that will be between the heat diffuser bars.

Once your meat is cooked or more than half cooked put the meat over the grate and let him inhale the smoke so it can have a smoky flavour. 

Under Grate Smokers


As this is a more efficient way to smoke your meat. These under grate smokers come in a V-shaped smoker box that can hold wood pellets and chips.

They can be put under a grate and can be fitted between the heat diffuser bars as the smoker box will be positioned directly under the food so they will give the best smoky flavour than the smoker box that is put on the side. 

Best Grilling Gloves

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"I do quite a bit of smoking and it can get dicey trying to add wood chips or more water mid-smoke with your bare hands. Using oven mitts really isn't an option due to the dexterity required. These gloves seem to get the job done much better and clean up real nice."

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