Texas Style Smoked Beef Short Ribs Recipe! - A Step by Step Guide - Grill Armor Gloves - Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

Texas Style Smoked Beef Short Ribs Recipe! - A Step by Step Guide!

There are many different types of barbecue in the United States regionally. Perhaps the most authentic and puristic kind of BBQ is in Texas.

Texas is the state with the largest herd of cattle, and of course, things like beef brisket and beef ribs are the most popular cuts here.

While other US states are known for their sauces, Texans generally do without sauces when it comes to beef.

Spices (often only salt and pepper) and smoke make up the taste of the Texas Style Barbecue. It is about the pure meat taste that should not be covered by sauces.

The name Short Ribs is misleading. Because the ribs are not short, but really long.

They are therefore affectionately called "dino ribs". It comes from the short plate of the beef rib.

This is the area between the front chest area from which the brisket is cut and the back flank from which the flank steak is removed.

Admittedly, it is not easy to get beef short ribs.

You don't even have to ask at a supermarket, and the supermarkets usually don't have them there.

But every good butcher should be able to cut you beef ribs.

A reasonable ladder is usually already a few kilos heavy, but don't worry, you will lose at least 30% in weight during the grilling process.

Provided that you do everything right, after about 6 hours you will have a very tender, juicy and intensely tasting beef, which is strongly suggested by beef brisket.

So read our instructions in detail and you won't have a hard time getting a perfect result to make texas style beef short ribs.

Texas-style ribs recipes are the easiest and best recipe because you don't need many ingredients in this recipe.

It is very simple to cook and as well as it has a wonderful taste.

Texas shot ribs are very famous all over the world. People love to eat it with the seasonings and the smokey aroma gives a more delicious taste to the short ribs.

How To Make Texas-Style Short Ribs?

Texas-Style Short Ribs

For the preparation of beef short ribs in Texas-style, the material is usually simply better marble and usually much more tender and tastier.

We only need two ingredients for texas preparation:

  • Pit powder beef barbeque rub
  • 2 kg short ribs

At first, we remove the silver skin on the bottom of the ribs. Just like the pork ribs, this works with the beef ribs.

The fat layer should be cut away if the meat has a lot of fat on the surface.

You can also try it with pepper and salt then we use our pit powder Barbeque rub especially developed for such cuts and then we seasoned our meat from both sides and vacuum it.

Now store it into the refrigerator overnight so the rub can take effect.

If you don't have time to keep your meat in the fridge overnight so you can at least marinate it for two or three hours before you put it into the smoker or grill.

How Much Time Will It Take To Smoke?

You May Love Beef Short Ribs, But Pitmasters Don't – Texas Monthly

Preparing your short ribs in the charcoal grill at 120 degree Celsius indirect heat to give a smoky taste.

Take 3 chunks of hickory wood to give your short ribs a good flavour and if you want you can also use different types of wood but hickory wood gives excellent smoke aroma which goes perfectly with the beef.

When the grill or smoker is stable at the cooking temperature put the beef ribs in it.

Cook your ribs approximately 6 hours at 120 degree Celsius when ribs are butter-soft and the core temperature is around 90 to 95 degree Celsius it means they are done.

It is visually striking that the meat has pulled off the bones significantly.

When the short ribs are ready leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

No worries because the meat would not cool down quickly because they are really hot when they come out of the grill. Now cut the rates between the bones.

You can also add wine in your recipe if you want but it is not necessary. You can make your ribs without wine too.

The barbeque sauce is not necessary because the seasoning gives the smoky aroma and a delicious taste to your short ribs. The ribs remain juicy due to the high-fat content. 

To make your short ribs more flavourful, tender and juicy, cook it at low temperature which will cause some of the fat to melt.

There are more smokey flavours like apple, maple, hickory and peach to smoke your meat.

It is not necessary to use only hickory wood flavour to smoke your rib you can also use apple, maple and peach flavour. They give a sweet flavour to your ribs.

So the recipe is done here, making short ribs is not rocket science. It is made in a simple way and also takes less time.

Just focus on some instructions like when you are going to prepare short ribs to make sure that the grill is adjusted and runs stably. In Texas, barbecue just means smoke and spices.

It was a great taste experience and intense beef taste, which comes into its own with the Pit Powder Beef Rub, and the butter-soft and aromatic meat can convince.

The short ribs are quite greasy, but their taste is highly recommended.

A real alternative to pork ribs. Smokers beef ribs are an absolute hit and they convince in all points.

For us, it is a great taste and a great change experience on a plate.

Best Grilling Gloves

Best BBQ Gloves in 2020 - Heat-Resistant, Insulated, Ideal for ...

The question of buying grilling gloves is a popular question among grill beginners or those who have made some bad purchases.

The market is full of leather grill gloves, silicone grill gloves, fabric grill gloves, etc and you can easily lose track of them. The question is whether it must always be Weber barbecue gloves or MILcea, Rosle etc.

The big companies, of course, all have their own barbecue gloves in their program.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of barbeque gloves offered that are unsuitable in practice or do not meet the requirements that a barbecue glove should meet.

I have already worn out some models, where, in the end, I was glad that I did not burn my hands.

The Weber 6670 are barbecue gloves specially designed for all barbecue professionals with large hands.

They offer incredible flexibility and are flexible enough to fold without problems.

Also, the material and design allow increased air circulation to prevent your hands from sweating.

Weber, known for its barbecues, offers these gloves an essential accessory for all barbecue lovers.

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Flexible fingers and silicone palms allow you to easily handle hot plates, grills and barbecue tools. 

Adopt the style of a professional while protecting your hands with the inexpensive barbecue gloves available endlessly. A great help to turn food or sprinkle with marinade without risk of burns, it also protects the forearm from heat.

These waterproof gloves are non-slip, flexible and lightweight.

Also, they are dishwasher safe and also take advantage of reliable delivery service to the address indicated by confirming your barbecue glove purchase.

Grill Armour Gloves:

Grill Armour Gloves:

Everyone wants to keep themselves safe while cooking, baking and grilling. So the armour grilling gloves protect your hands from heat resistance. 

These are fantastic gloves which save your hand from burning. The names grill armour gloves come at the top because of the best quality.

They protect your whole hands while cooking. It is not only used for big hands but they have a short size too. 

They give you a better grip while holding a hot tray or pot in your hand. You don't feel any heat and the tray did not slip out from your hands.

The material used in these gloves is p- aramid and m-aramid. It has heat protective clothing. With the help of silicon coating, it has a great grip ability.

Silicon, polyester and cotton are used in the armour grilling gloves.

Do not use a non-chlorine bleach to wash the gloves because this can harm the outer glove lining. Just dry air. Wash it regularly to avoid grease building up on the gloves.

The heat resistant in these gloves are 932-degree Celsius Fahrenheit. It is a certified oven grill.

They design these gloves for five fingers and also have two sizes long and short. It can easily grip the dutch oven, hot saucepan, pizza plates, baking trays, pots and many more.

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Safety is the first priority so don't be afraid of cooking, grilling and baking your food because it can protect you from heat resistance.

Love and enjoy the moment by grilling or cooking your food for your family members and parties at home. We recommend the best gloves in this article for you. 

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