Basic Kitchen Safety Rules

Kitchen safety is very important for all of us.

Cooking is fun but our priority is that we have to keep safe ourselves with the kitchen stuff.

There are many things and environmental hazards which are very dangerous for us and also knives like sharp objects, electrical appliances or open fire by the oven.

Bacteria in the kitchen can also be dangerous for us.

If you love cooking so you have to observe the basic kitchen safety rules and it is your best habit to develop for yourself.

It can cause serious injury or accidents if you are not paying attention to what you are doing in the kitchen.

It is also very important to clean your kitchen attentively and can also clean all the dirt from your kitchen because it can cause dangerous diseases. 

Never let your children alone in the kitchen because safety is very important and they can harm themselves with burning, sharp objects like knives and other pieces of equipment.

kitchen safety

You have to follow these steps for your kitchen safety.

  1. Make sure that the knives are not out and store your knives in a wooden block or in a drawer by which your children cannot reach to it easily; it can prevent injury so follow these knife safety steps.
  2. Wash your kitchen properly with warm water and can also use the hand soaps before cooking.
  3. Wash all the vegetables and fresh fruits before eating and use clean water and no soap for it.
  4. Put your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.
  5. You have to keep your long hair tied back and never cook in loose clothes because it can accidentally catch fire which is very dangerous for you.
  6. And you can not wear any dangling jewellery while cooking like Bracelet and bangles so it can get tangled around the handles of the pot.
  7. Wherever you can steal your meat, separate raw meat and poultry from other items because it can cause harmful bacteria from one food to another and these precautions avoid cross-contamination.
  8. After handling meat food you must wash your hands before eating anything because it has virtual freight bacteria.
  9. Ask for help if you don't feel comfortable with a knife and always cut away from your body when using a knife to cut your food and toward a cutting board. 
  10. If you are coming with something hot let people know you to keep away from you and you can also safely go steam when the pan lid away from you.
  11. Keep all the electric appliances away from water because electricity is not a friend of water.
  12. Always use dry hands to plug in or out something. Unplug all the appliances after finishing all the work.
  13. While cooking keeps yourself away from Oil because it can burn your hands or face easily with the drops of oil.
  14. Make sure that the kitchen floor is not slippery because it can injure you and slip you on the floor.
  15. So wash your kitchen floor with all the washing detergent and also make sure to add some phenyl in your water to get rid of bacteria.

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