How To Wash Grill Armor Gloves? - (A Complete Guide)

How To Wash Grill Armor Gloves? - (A Complete Guide)

Grill Armor Gloves are known for their superior, high-end and top-notch quality.

But there is no point of keeping these gloves if you cannot properly take care of them.

So, let us have a look at their washing process.

These are heat-resistant gloves. So, special care and washing instructions are attached to them.

However, they are easy to clean. You can hand wash them with the help of simple soap and water.

They allow you to cook with confidence.

At the same time. they do not give you any hassle during the washing cycle.

Moreover, if you are giving them a machine wash then use non-chlorine bleach only.

Either Hand-Wash Them Or Go For Machine Wash:

There are two options for you to wash these Grill Armor Gloves.

You can give them a hand-wash. Or you can toss them in the machine.

In addition, you can wash them in any kind of laundry machine.

It does not matter which washing method you choose, the only thing that the individual has to remember is to use hot water and any of the general laundry detergent option.

By doing so, all grease that is built on your gloves, it will be removed.

Suitable Washing Detergent Options To Be Used On Grill Armor Gloves:

wash your gloves

It is advised to use a domestic grade detergent on your gloves.

This detergent can be of liquid nature or powder texture. Besides, avoid using that laundry detergent that is injected with chlorine bleach.

It is recommended by experts that you should not wash your grill gloves with any fabric softener.

By doing so, you are damaging and destroying the protective outer lining of them.

Steps To Wash Grill Armor Gloves:

  1. Once you have made a solution containing either soap or detergent.
  2. Now, is the time to give a washing cycle to your gloves.
  3. Gently wash them by your hands.
  4. If you toss them in the machine, then two washing cycles are enough for them.
  5. For removing stains, what you can do is to dab a pre-wash kind of stain remover right over the stain.
  6. Allow this remover to sit and be there on that stain for some time.
  7. If the stain is tough and stubborn, then prolong the time.
  8. Whatever stain remover you have bought, do read the label instructions before you use that stain remover.
  9. Moreover, to remove that stain thoroughly and completely, you can use a clean soft toothbrush to gently take out or rub out that stain.
  10. The final step is the drying part.
  11. After washing them, keep your gloves on the drying rack.
  12. You can even place them on the clothesline for air drying.
  13. Your gloves have to be completely dry before you decide to use them again.



    This is all about washing Grill Armor Gloves.

    So, if you have got BBQ, grilling or baking gloves, then wash them with soap and tap water.

    If any of you has devised some other washing method for cleaning their cooking gloves, then share that with us.

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