How to Smoke Oysters? - (Guide)

How to Smoke Oysters? - (Guide)

There is not a single person in this world who does not love to eat and have oysters.

So, if you do love oysters, then this recipe of smoking oysters is going to appeal you. At times, people prefer to have them raw.

Furthermore, some individuals go for deep-fried oysters. Some steam them and some smoke them.

Besides, a bunch of people have them in a pie. Here we have shared an exclusive recipe with you as to how to smoke oysters. We hope that you will love the flavour of this dish.

How to Smoke Oysters

smoke Oysters

Ingredients Needed To Smoke Oysters:

  • 30 fresh oysters.

  • Boiled salted water.

  • Wood chips for sake of smoking.

  • Preparation Method

Step #1:

You need to start shucking your oysters. If it is your first time of shucking oysters, then be very careful. Take some help from an expert.

Or you can watch any of the tutorials. Avoid injuring yourself during this job. Perform this job with the help of an oyster knife.

Or you can use a hammer to shuck the tough one oysters.

Step #2:

Once you are done shucking all of your oysters, the next step is to blanch the meat. Most importantly, you have to carefully and cautiously clean the meat.

Allow any of the shell fragments seamlessly fall through. If there are any sharp bits present on your oysters, then you have to take them off.

Do that with the help of a gentle stream and splash of cold water and your fingers. This process of blanching is quick to do.

Simply remove the edges of the meats and move on to the next step.

Step #3:

The next step is to smoke the oysters. You can use wood chips for smoking. Get hold of a container to hold and retain those wood chips.

Moreover, get any tray that can hold your oyster meat. If you are using a saute pan, then that is fine.

It is on your personal preference regarding how much you want to go for smoking time.

Experts have suggested that 25 and 30 minutes are suitable and appropriate to smoke them.

Besides, if you are not happy and satisfied with the results, then you can go on smoking them for about 45 minutes. Your smoked oysters are now ready to serve.

Tips To Smoke Oysters


Avoid using that wood that comes with a strong flavour. This way, your oysters may get a slightly bitter kind taste to your food.

It is recommended to soak the wood chips in water. Do that for about 1 hour.


So, what's the bottom line? Try out smoking oysters and share your memorable experiences with us.

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