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How to Grill Steak on a Charcoal Grill? (Complete Guide)

Our simple tips will make you a grill master.

A large, juicy grilled steak in the 1960s and 1970s was still the symbol of an abundance of life that was only allowed on special occasions.

Today it goes without saying that in addition to other high-quality meats and sausages, steaks are also available for grilling. The temperature and cooking time must be exactly right so that the meat does not become tough and dry.

Do you want to surprise your guests with really good and perfect steaks? Follow these 8 steps if you want to grill a perfect steak: In this article, we will give you the method to prepare your steak on a charcoal grill.

How To Grill Your Steak On A Charcoal Grill?

1: Which Steak Meat Is Suitable For Grilling?

As with so many things in life, selection and good quality simply pay off. So also with meat. We recommend using meat from animal welfare.

This means that the animals have enough space, have a lot of movement and can reach the necessary slaughter weight over a relatively long period.

You can recognize good meat with various factors. The smell plays a role like the meat should smell nutty, slightly and not smell. It also recognizes that the meat should not be too wet. 

There are following variants which are suitable for grilling like beef fillet which is the most expensive and noblest piece of beef. Rump steak which has a special fat rim and t-bone which is cheaper than the fillet. T-bone and rump steak belong to a firmer type.

2: Use The Correct Piece:

If you want to grill a perfect steak there are some following cuts. If we talk about rump steak or rib-eye they have master cuts such as t bone Or club steak and porterhouse.

Different flavours and different cards and ensures different recipes. For example, some cuts have a high percentage of fat and the other tender meat comes with other cuts such as the fillet portion of t-bone.

There are also so exotic pieces of beef such as tri-tip steak.

3: Prepare Steak Meat For The Grill:

First, the meat should be removed from the refrigerator for half an hour before grilling. Then it is washed thoroughly and reached room temperature.

If you grill your meat too cold, it is not completely cooked on the inside or maybe it can burn on the outside. If the stake is sprinkled with salt the heat on the surface dissolves so they crisp and brown crust forms.

Add pepper only when meat is ready because this would burn when you're grilled and it gives a bitter taste as a result. You can also marinate your meat as you want or just grill it straight.

4: Prepare The Grill:

The best steaks have a uniquely delicious meat taste that does not require marinade. We therefore only recommend seasoning with some freshly ground pepper and salt. It is best to season only after grilling, so the spices cannot burn and the meat develops its full aroma. 

Do not cut your stake if the stake has a fat Rim because fat is known to be a good flavour carrier. If the meatworks naturally while grilling it has a lot of contrast and naturally loses some weight and fluid. Cut your steak in the fat Diamond shape.

5: Grilling Time:

The perfect steak requires the best quality and time when grilling. Use two temperature zones, especially with charcoal grills, to be able to cook thick cuts to the point.

Turn your steak every 20 seconds so that the meat juices can distribute themselves optimally. It is best to use a pair of grilling tongs for this, as pricking meat forks would result in the loss of valuable meat juice.

On the hand handball test on the back shows you how to determine the optimal cooking point for your steak. We also recommend measuring the core temperature using a thermometer.

6: Grill On Charcoal:


For quickly reaching high temperatures in the grill Charcoal is perfect.It is best to Grill your steak perfectly when the coal has burnt and it is poured onto the coal of the grill.

For perfect grilling, you should set your temperature at 250 degrees and if you want to make your steak much more tender then cook your Steak at 800 degrees because 1 kilogram of t-bone takes some time to reach the perfect core temperature. 

7: Time To Grill Your Steak On A Charcoal Grill:

Grill your steak on charcoal for only 4 to 5 minutes. It is the maximum time. If you grill it more than 10 to 15 minutes it burns your steak from outside and gives a bad taste.

After the meat has been lightly browned on both sides, you can grill it on one side for about three minutes and then continue on the other side.

The steak should then be wrapped in aluminium foil and placed on the edge of the grillage for another three minutes. So the grilled meat pulls through a little and remains nice and juicy.

8: Steak Must Rest After Grilling:

Different core temperatures apply for each cooking level which determines the cooking points whether the steak is on medium-rare temperature 52 to 54 degrees or in medium temperature 50 to 60 degrees and don't forget to measure it with a meat thermometer.

When your steak is ready, rest it for 5 minutes because the juice in the meat has enough time to redistribute. Resting point is very important so don't forget to rest your steak because it helps to stay tender your steak. 

So in this article, you can understand that grilling your steak on charcoal is not difficult. You would love to eat the best-grilled steak at home. Serve it with homemade butter or mashed potatoes along with fried veggies and fries. 

You can also find the best recipes from the internet to make your steak juicy and tender. You can cook your steak in butter or you can use olive oil to give a delicious taste to your steak. 

Best Grilling Gloves:

When you are grilling your steak at home safety is also the main part of your cooking. So we will also recommend some best grilling gloves to save your hands from burning. There are several varieties of grilling gloves which have the best features and also have good quality.

Chefs cook at home drilling gloves is an important part because it can save your hands from burning. Different materials used to make grilling gloves just as there should be heat resistant gloves in every kitchen to handle pans, trays, pots and you shouldn't start to be reckless on the grill.

So don't spoil your fun by not wearing grilling gloves. It should be able to withstand high temperatures and also be long enough to cover the whole part of the foreArms.The gloves are made from various materials like leather, cotton, silicon or polyester. It has different disadvantages and advantages, leather is robust but relatively sensitive to moisture while cotton is extremely comfortable to wear, silicon also shows best grill gloves as it conveys its easy-care surface and durability.

Grilling gloves are particularly suitable for grilling and roasting. If you regularly stand on the grill, you know how hot it can get over the grill. Turning the food can be a hot adventure. Grilling gloves should be part of your basic equipment so that your hands on the grill are always protected. Long models protect not only your hands but also your forearms from burns. Furthermore, they also protect against hot grease splashes and flash flames. 

Represent 12 heat resistant grilling gloves which bring all the important properties. Different models made of different materials you will find suitable gloves in this article. We will guide you with more detail about the positive aspects of grilling gloves and show you the benefits of the different materials.

Our goal is to make your purchase decision easier and to help you find the most suitable grilling gloves for you. The name of the best grilling gloves are the following:

MILcea grilling gloves which have excellent thermal isolation and they easily withstand 800-degree Celsius of temperature. 

Another rosle grilling gloves are also the best and can save your hands from burning. The materials used in these gloves are leather, cotton and polyester. 

Another one wins max grilling gloves, it is extremely heat resistant gloves and it is also non-slipped and cut resistant cooking gloves. 

Grill Armour Gloves:

Now we talk about the best of all best grilling gloves. Most of the people use armour grilling gloves because it has the best quality and best features. You can easily grill your food by wearing grill armour gloves. It is comfortable to wear and also has good quality stuff used in these gloves. 

The material used in these gloves has an inside layer and outside layer. In the inside layer, it has a cotton lining which gives 100 per cent extra comfort and in the outside layer, it is isolated by P-Aramid and M-Aramid fabric. 

Two gloves are available in the packet one for the right hand and another for the left hand. The size of the gloves fits easily to your hands.

The temperature holds the heat resistant at 932-degree celsius Fahrenheit.

They designed these gloves for five fingers, it has a flex design with articulative fingers and thumbs. 

It has a super grip and also has extra safety and one more quality in these gloves are non slip silicone coating. 

You can easily clean it and wash it in a washing machine. 

It was easy storage for hanging loops.

It has a lifetime warranty and it also protects against the heat from the liquid. They also accept credit cards and can also refund the gloves. 

The exterior has easy to grip silicon and the interior is comfortable with cotton.

Best grilling accessories for men and women. These grill accessories are 35.6 cm long, the entirety of your hands and forearms are protected from heat. One size fits all.

We will guide you with the best information about grilling gloves in this article. It can save your hands from burning and it is also easy and comfortable to use. The quality of the fabric is also best for you. 

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