How To Grill Plantains - (A Complete Guide)

You might be wondering how to grill plantains, here we have shared an easy recipe method with you. No doubt, plantains are life. People love to see them on their food table.

However, many of them do not know how to cook them in an appetizing manner. Furthermore, plantains are a staple present and commonly found in Western Africa countries and also in Caribbean countries.

Moreover, they are larger in size than bananas.

They are generally and normally not as smooth like we have bananas. Grilling them will load your body with lots of nutrients.

Hence, this is the kind of food that is extremely sweet, soft and immensely addicting.

Method To Grill Plantains

There are a large number of plantain recipes that you can try out. But here we are going to restrict ourselves with the grilling method.

There are multiple numbers of ways to cook and prepare them. You can even deep-fry them.

If you do not feel like deep frying your plantains, then you can grill them for sure.

They will taste so good! We are sure that you are going to enjoy every bite of them.

Besides, you can have plantains with some grilled fish. Or you can fuse them with plain ole’ avocado.

Grilling plantains In An Oven

Here is the process of grilling plantains in an oven. This is a simple job to do so.

This method follow-up is all about moving on a healthy technique while you are cooking plantains.

Grilled Grilling plantains is always marked as the perfect side dish during the time of barbecues.

Ingredients Needed For 4 Servings

  1. 4 ripe plantains
  2. 1 tablespoon of oil


Firstly, you have to set your oven to grill/broil. After that, you need to brush that grill pan by taking some oil.

If you are using a regular oven tray, then the application of oil is must for you as well.

Start to peel your plantains. After peeling them, make sure to cut through them right in the middle by moving from top to bottom side.

Once you have cut side down your plantains,  the place and keep them on the tray.

Keep your stuff in the oven. Allow them grill for around and about 20 minutes. After this, you can flip and toss their sides to see an even grilling job.

If you notice that your plantains are extremely soft, then avoid flipping them. You will not be able to flip and toss them properly if they are still soft.

Lastly, check them again. If they are grilled according to your expectations and standards, then take them out from the oven.

You need to serve them warm. People love having them with avocados. You can try this combination as well.

There are other options available to fuse your grilled plantains with other side choices. Like, you can have them with grilled meat or chicken or fish. Have this dish with guacamole or pepper sauce.

Why Have Grilled Plantains?

Your grilled plantains are now ready. Do let us know if you try this recipe and loved it. We are waiting for your reviews.

It is studied that this staple is immensely healthy for your body. Most importantly, cooked plantains are highly nutritious.

They are high in terms of calorie-wise and composed of an extensive number of certain vitamins and also minerals in them.

Besides, they are a rich and authentic source of fibre. This food is packed with vitamins A, C, as well as Vitamin B-6.

It is enriched with minerals like magnesium and potassium. No doubt, this is a hidden super and blessed food.


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If you find this recipe interesting and full of flavours, then share your experience with us.

We will be putting up more of the mouth-watering recipes related to grilling on this page, so stay in touch with us. Rest, you can share your recipes as well.

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