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How to Grill Frozen Steak (Complete Guide)

When you are buying steaks then it should not be in this method you should not buy it and store it one by one.

But if you have a party of somehow then I understand that it can be necessary to get too many steaks at a time.

And in the end, you would freeze the leftover part of the steak the part which was not used in the frilling and you would think that you can use it for later or for next time when your mood swings to eat steak. 

But if you even want to freeze a steak and you don’t have the knowledge of freezing teak-grilling then there is no way that you can even freeze the steak properly preserving its taste as the original. 

SO, for your ease here we have discussed a few of the tips and tricks on how you can grill the frozen steak and how you can preserve the taste after a time being.

We have shared some tricks on how-to and some tips that will help you keep grilling of frozen steak under control. 

When And Why We Choose To Grill Frozen Steaks?


Whenever you freeze meat that does not mean that you are doing it for the first time it has been done since ancient times thus it is a tested procedure and you need to follow every precaution.

The main problem with grilling a frozen steak is that it thaw’s and when it is thawed then it is hard for you to grill that specific steak.

As it is being thawed suppose if you have guests at dinner and now this night dinner is more of a nightmare to serve food you need to melt down the thawed steak or you could just order. Up to you. 

But if you are a griller and you know how you should grill anything with the proper procedure then your steak will not the thawed and you don’t have to wait a day for the frozen steak to grill it again.

If the steak is properly grilled and it has been properly preserved after grilling then all of its flavors would be intact and all of the spices would still taste like fresh.

All you have to do is you need to through that steak on a grill and wait for it to defrost and sooner or later it will be start grilling in no time.

How To Grill A Frozen Steak? (Steps To Follow!)

Now: it is time to cook a frozen steak, I know I know grilling a frozen steak can be hard and complicated at the same time.

But if you follow the right procedure then it might be easy and convenient and you can do it by yourself.

So, here are those procedures, or I should rather say tips and tricks on how to grill a Frozen Steak. 

Step #1: Freeze The Steak Properly, To Begin With:

If you want to eat steak in a span of days then you can either buy already frozen steak or you can buy a fresh steak and freeze it properly.

Here is the technique to freeze it for you so that you can eat it in a span of days. 

So, to feeze a steak you should first select a flat surface in your freeze without any uneven bumps.

Then choose a sheet on which you can place the steak, but first before placing the steak directly on the sheet ou should put it first in a bag and conceal it with a vacuum. Yes! Remove all the air out of it.

With that, the sheet that you select can be a baking sheet or any other but the baking sheet is recommended. 

And voila that is done your Steak is well-freeze. Now your job is to take care that the freezer is not opened by accidents or left open accidentally.

Because if can lose all of its cooling thus effecting the steak.

Step #2: Sear The Steak About 10 Minutes:

Now: you might be wondering what does Searing means? Well, it is simple in searing you need to cook anything which is directly exposed to flame. And you will do the same with this situation. 

You will sear the steak to make it meltdown and make sure that you cover both sides of the steaks so that it can be cooked from the inside and it doesn’t feel tougher of hard on the inside.

With that, you don’t want to keep it above the flame for too long. 

This will depend on the temperature you have kept it on but you need to keep an eye on the steak and remove it as soon as possible when the melting and searing is done.

So, by searing, you are making sure that the steak is properly melted and it is come down to a state where you can easily grill it. 

Step #3: Adding Some Seasoning:

Now: coming towards the reasoning part everyone has their own opinion on how should they season their steak.

But if you are asking me then I like to keep things simple and easy, by just adding pepper and salt it reflects the original taste and shines the beauty of the steak with its astonishing taste. 

If you are interested then you can find various delicious options that you can follow or choose to get a more spiced up and more flavored steak on your table.

But the thing that I want to say is that if you think that you can do the seasoning before the sear then that is a mistake or you have all the ingredients ready and by mistake, you seasoned the steak before searing then there is no point of eating the steak.

Why? You might wonder because when you have more seared the steak then it is in a state where it does not preserve anything but its flavor.

So, when you season it then it will wear off right when you are searing the steak thus there is no point of seasoning it before searing. 

Step #4: Cook on Indirect Heat:

Now: when you have followed every procedure of searing it and seasoning it then you need to put that steak on an indirect heat source so that it can absorb the heat and meltdown from the inside.

Then you might wonder how long should you keep it there? 

Well, not for a long time just 15 minutes top and when it is time to take it off then use your thermometer to measure the temperature of the steak before you pull it out from the heat that how much heat it has absorbed by this you can easily determine about the inside of the steak.

For your ease, I’m telling you that you need to pull the steak out from the heat 5 degrees earlier from the desired and preset temperature. 

Here is a guideline to steak temperatures:

  • Rare- 115 degrees
  • Medium rare- 120 degrees
  • Medium - 130 degrees
  • Medium well- 140 degrees
  • Well done- 150 degrees

Step 5- Serving:


For eating Steak needs a proper environment, not just a dull room full of friends who are apparently silent.

But a full room of friends and family and you are serving this with a chilled and cold beer, with that there is music in the background and your friends are enjoying. 

Eating steak is all about enjoying that particular moment with the perfect taste of the steak.

You can also serve it with different nourishments and toppings to add an extra bit of flavor.

Added Gear for Grilling:

As we have talked about the tips and tricks that you should use when it comes to grilling a frozen steak but what if I say that there are gears that can help you grilling easily without any heat touch your hand. Well, here it is GRILL ARMOR GLOVES.

This glove can be the perfect grilling companion as it has lots and lots of features that you can use and which can ease your grilling experience.

It is made with Insulated By M-ARAMID & P-ARAMID Fabric (same as DuPont Nomex® & Kevlar®) thus it can easily bear major heats and when it is exposed to flame then it won’t be that much of effect on the gloves.

What we like:

  • The sizes are universal in this set of 2 gloves for protection. 
  • They can resist heat for highest temperatures and these temperatures are 932 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • It has a flex design that can help you easily wear and take it off. With that, you can comfortably flex your all five fingers in the glove.
  • This set of protective and armored gloves has a coating of silicone which is non-slippery plus adds in with extra grip and enhances safety.
  • When it comes to cleaning then it is extremely easy to clean them and they are machine washable.
  • You are getting an extra storage space with the help of the hanging loop provided in the gloves itself. 
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