How to Cook Fresh Sausage? (A Guide)

How to Cook Fresh Sausage? (A Guide)

If you love to get a bite of Fresh Sausage, then have a look at this cooking method. From here, you will know how to smoke and grill sausage.

Furthermore, through this simple guide, you will be in a position to cook sausages successfully. If you often cook weird looking or raw sausages, then it is time to get some serious tips.

It is seen that sausages are usually and generally made from minced pork.

At times, they are made of meats like that of lamb or beef. To enhance their flavour, salt is added. This addition of salt also preserves and reserve the texture of the meat.

Moreover, it is these seasonings, spices, as well as herbs that manage to give extra exciting flavour to your sausages.

You can fuse them with cooked apple or caramelised onions.

How to Cook Fresh Sausage? (Steps)

How to Cook Fresh Sausage? (A Guide)

You can pair this dish of yours with any interesting combination that makes your sausage dish more versatile and filled with variety. Now, you can read out the rest of the details:

How to Smoke Fresh Sausage?

To smoke fresh sausages, you need to prepare your smoker up to a cooking temperature range of 200-250°F.

Most importantly, let your sausages smoke for about a duration of 1½ to 2 hours until and unless in reach to the temperature figure of 165°F.

It is advised to turn your sausages several and multiple numbers of times. This way, you can ensure even job of smoking.

Very few of the people experience good luck regarding smoking Italian sausages and bangers or bratwursts, boudin blanc and also breakfast sausage.

Smoked sausages always taste better. It is this fresh coat of smoke that makes them 100% delicious.

Talking about the elaborated guide of smoking your sausages!

First, you have to preheat your smoker to about 225°F. Keep the sausages exactly on indirect side position.

Then you can add wood once the meat is goes on. Cook them to at least 160°F. This whole cooking smoking process may take more than an hour.

Those smoked sausages that have been managed to cook up to 160°F, they are more pasteurized. You can keep them and store them in a fridge for a longer time.

These kinds of smoked sausages can be frozen. It is advised not too cold smoke any of your sausages at temperature range lower than that of 200°F.

How to Grill Fresh Sausage?

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To grill a fresh sausage, it is a quite simple thing to do. We have seen that a large number of cooks, then end up burning their sausages while grilling.

There is no point of eating that dry sausage. It needs to be moist and hydrated.

If you are tired of having grilled sausages that eventually end up getting burnt and dry, then follow this method of grilling your fresh sausages.

There are a few of the tricks that make your job of grilling them hassle-free.

Firstly, you have to remember that ground meat is comparatively riskier for bacteria as compared to whole muscle meat.

So, make sure that you cook it all up to 160°F for your health safety.

However, make sure that the juiciness level of your sausages does not get disappeared.

Secondly, you need to grill your sausage right over indirect heat. In this way, you can avoid flare-ups.

Most noteworthy, heat your grill to temperature setting range of 300 to 350°F. And then you are free to grill for around and about 40 to 50 minutes.

Do this grilling until and unless the temperature finally reaches to 165°F. In addition, you have to frequently turn the sausage during the entire cooking time of yours.

Your goal should be to cook that kind of sausages that are dark brown and also got juicy interiors. This is quite a tricky thing to do because sausages are extremely high in fat.

On the other hand, the fat drips thus cause and give rise to flareups. The solution to solve this problem is to go for 2-zone cooking. Start to cook your sausages from the indirect side.

Make sure to crisp their skins. In addition, cook them all to 160°F right in the centre.

Grilling your sausages indirectly is going to prevent flareups and also burning.

However, if you want to bring a smoky kind of flavour, then this can be accomplished by throwing and tossing some wood pieces on the direct heat.

Some people like to keep their sausages a bit darker, so in this case, they can reverse sear. And put all of your sausages over direct heat for a little time.

The next amazing grilling technique that you can try out while preparing your sausages is to cook them completely on the direct heat. Besides, you have to keep and maintain the heat low.

Keep on standing there, see how your sausages are cooking and also watch for flareups.

If you do not want to see your sausage skin burst up, then you can pick 2 or 3 tiny needles into them. By doing so, the pressure will get escaped from them.

Though, some of the juices will be able to get escape too. But this is the only way to avoid your sausage skin from tearing and bursting.

Avoid poking them a lot, this way, you may drain the fat and juice present in them.

How to Sauteé Fresh Sausage?

freash sausage

Now, comes the part to sautee your fresh sausage. To do this, you need to heat 2 tablespoons of oil. Take a skillet and heat this oil over medium heat range. Then, you have to add all sausages.

Cook them until and unless the internal range of temperature reaches the mark of 165°F.

Meanwhile, you perform and do this method, you have to turn and toss the sausage several and a wide number of times to cook it perfectly, ideally and evenly.

Apart from grilling and smoking, you can even boil your sausages. This is the easiest way to cook this food at home.

So, to boil sausages, you need a pot of boiling water. All your sausages to simmering.

If you have got pre-cooked sausages,  they will take around and about 10 minutes.

On the other hand, raw ones take and need time up to 30 minutes.

You need to keep in mind that boiled sausages do not turn out to be brown and crispy. But you can turn and transform them brown afterwards by using a frying pan.

Besides, you can bake your sausages as well. Just preheat your oven to 355°F. Place and keep your sausages on a pan.

And bake them for about and around 15–20 minutes if they are smaller sausages.

Besides, if you observed that your sausages have dried out too quickly and easily while they are placed in the oven, then you can boil them beforehand.

This way, they will remain to stay juicy and moist all from inside.

How to Know When Fresh Sausage Is Done?

If you want to get this confirmation that whether your sausage is done or not, then follow this tip.

Instead of eating raw or burnt sausages, you can check beforehand whether your sausages are properly cooked or not.

Most probably, you can make use of a meat thermometer for this job. This way, you can have the verification concerning whether your sausage is raw from inside or perfectly cooked.

Moreover, it is up to the internal temperature setting of 165°F that sausages are cooked.

Even more, if you have got a fresh sausage or you purchased it in a complete raw form, then follow these temperature settings.

You can even look at the juices that are flowing from the sausage meat. This is another way to determine the rawness of your dish.

As soon the natural juices of your sausages start to break through and come from the casing and they also start to flow clearly, then that is an indication that your sausage is ready to be served.


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Though it is quite tricky to cook and prepare sausages.

But we hope that with the help of the above-mentioned guide, you now get an idea as to how to cook and serve delicious and tasty sausages.

Furthermore, you can share your recipe with us if you have ever cooked some of the mouth-watering sausage meals and dishes.

Moreover, more of the guides will be displayed on this page as to how to cook sausages correctly and properly.

Through this guide, you are no going to end up charring your sausages on the outside or raw from the inside. Even more, this guide will make sure that you perfectly cook through your sausage dish.

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