How to Clean A Smoker Grill? (Step By Step Guide)

How to Clean A Smoker Grill? (Step By Step Guide)

Whenever there is a cleaning issue you most people always get confused that there should be an ethical way to clean that.

Not everything is cleaned through water and cloth they have a process and that process should be followed if you want to have a more hygienic and clean environment. 

A Smoker Grill is always considered to be the most privileged equipment either in the house or garden.

With a smoker grill, you create some wonderful memories while having a BBQ with your friends and family.

And when it comes to cleaning that piece of equipment then you might need to follow a guide that can help you understand how should clean that place.

Because cleaning a Smoker Grill is important as you are cooking food in it, so it needs to be hygienic.

And there is a process to clean that which I will tell you in this article.

Requirements For Cleaning Solutions:

smoker grill

When it comes to cleaning then there are some requirements that you need to follow such as using an Abrasive cleaning solution that can lead your Smoker Grill to be more sticky and it can also develop corrosion and grime on the surface of the Grill.

So, I would recommend you opt for a non-abrasive solution for cleaning a Smoker Grill.

And an easy option for you is that you can also mix any soap or detergent in warm water, which can be an ideal cleaning solution for you.

Or if you want to wipe out all the grease and oil residues then apple cider and vinegar are considered to be the best option.

But if you feel convenient and feel you can spend money on cleaning solution then there are several cleaners available in the market that are non-abrasive.

But you should be careful about buying that as it can be concentrated so I would suggest you to go for the less concentrated cleaning solution.

Steps Of Cleaning A Smoker Grill:


There are multiple steps to do that and these steps should be followed if you want to keep your Smoker Grill hygienic at all costs.

Here I’ going to share with you 6 most effective cleaning steps that you should use in cleaning your Smoker Grill.

Step 1: Removing The Smoker Box

In this first step, I would suggest that you remove the smoker box from the panel of Smoker Grill.

As it is a smoker box then it is obvious that it has ashes and residues present and first, you need to remove that in a plastic bin and then use a rag to wipe it clean. 

The most often practice of using a rag for cleaning is that when you use it with warm water that can speed up your cleaning process and this process will also easily remove all the suit present in the smoker box.

Step 2: Clean Other Removable Parts

Now when you have done that then there are several openings through which you can remove the removable parts from the Smoker Grill.

So, I would suggest you do that and when you have removed then you should wash them and leave them to dry off. 

Most of the removable parts that you removed will be soaked with grease which means they are sticky right?

Well, to remove that stickiness you should take those parts and rinse them with warm water that will moisturize and loosen the greased up areas. 

Then rub them with a sponge or a bristle brush for better cleaning. Then leave then to dry off and apply some vegetable oil on them to avoid any type of rust.

Step 3: Clean The Cooking Chamber


Now: move on to the main part. The cooking chamber of the Smoker Grill.

To clean it again I would suggest you opt for the warm water solution to make it more moisturized and versatile to clean. 

But there is a complication to that part if you are thinking that you can spill warm water on the inner section of the cooking chamber then your smoker grill will be destroyed and won’t work again so what you can do is?

That you can soak a sponge with warm water and apply that sponge into some critical areas of the Grill. 

This will help you preserve all the delicate and damageable parts of the inner cooking chamber of Smoker Grill.

Then use a plastic brush to collect all the debris and residues of different elements. 

Then as your inner section is wet and covered with lubricant then use a paper or newspaper to wipe it all off and make sure that you don’t leave any debris behind.

Step 4: Clean The External Area Of Smoker Grill

Now: this is an apparent factor that you would want to make your Grill look shiny and appealing.

Well, to do that you need to cover the external cleaning process and to do that soak a towel into warm water and wipe it clean.

This can make sure that your external looks are shiny and it can also remove all the stickiness and grease.

Step 5: Cleaning The Glass Door

As the front glass door takes a lot of heat and stickiness then you might want to clean that as well.

And to do that you can use a normal cleaning method that you use for cleaning any glass fitted equipment such as door, table, etc.

The glass is specially designed to take such amount of heat and grease that cleaning it won’t be that hard.

Step 6: Clean The Thermostat And Meat Probe

Then the last part of this cleaning process is to clean the thermostat that is present.

Obviously that the thermostat will also collect some amount of grease and you should clean that as well because it is an essential way to control the temperature of the Grill.

And while doing that you should also take a look at the meat probe and clean it as well.

You should not clean it under running water as it can damage the usability instead you should opt for a better solution to use a damped cloth or mp and wipe all the stickiness of them.


Here are some main and profitable cleaning tips that you can use if you own a Smoker Grill as cleaning the grill can mean a lot to some people who often have a gathering of friends and family.

Or else you can keep it clean for hygienic purposes.

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