How to Build a Bacon Weave? - (Guide)

Building a bacon weave is not so hard and can be done by anyone. It is a kind of skill that you should learn before building a perfect bacon weave.

As if someone loves to eat bacon they should learn this technique and start working on making meatloaf or something else with the help of bacon.

The bacon weave cooks flat so the meat can be in shape and can become crispier.

You can make your own bacon sandwiches and if you want to make sure to have bacon in your mouth in every bite then you should learn what we will tell you in this article. 

How to Build A Bacon Weave?

Fresh becon

Steps For Creating The Best Bacon Weave:

fresh becon

  1. First, you should lay 8 strips of bacon with the same length, the direction of the bacon should be vertical and you should use an aluminium foil so they can flush against each other and also remember that the meaty side should be in one direction and the fatty side should be on the other side. 

  2. After that, fold all the strips in half onto itself and lay one strip which is perpendicular to all the strips so they can be flush against the back of the fold and then unfold those strips that were halved fold over to the perpendicular strip 

  3. After you have unfolded them lay one strip in an alternating column and with you are doing it also lay one strip perpendicular to those strips and flush against the back of the fold after that just unfold the strips again but fold the strips over to the perpendicular strip

  4. Repeat the first set of strips again and do the same thing over to the upper half of the weave. After doing this there should be the same strips going down as they are going across 

  5. After you are done with the wrapping now is the time of cooking but the cooking time will vary on the meat that you have filled inside the weave. As we have examined it the cooking temperature should be 350-degree Fahrenheit and should be cooked for 30 to 45 minutes. The cooking will be done when your bacon is wrapped on the meat perfectly and get tightened

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