Grommet Now Sells Grill Armor Gloves

Grommet Now Sells Grill Armor Gloves

Are you searching for products online? What is your go-to online store? Amazon, Alibaba or eBay? Don't you feel the tediousness of the wide range of product on the internet? Well, Grommet is the answer to your wearies.

Grommet, looks, examines, tests and chooses the product for you. You just need to decide how many pieces or sets to buy.

And for Grilling Gloves, Grommet chose to present you, Grill Armor Gloves.


Grill Armor Gloves: 932°F Heat-Resistant Grilling Gloves


Grill Armor heat-resistant gloves for cooking, baking, grilling, and other protective jobs around the house are the extra layer of defense you want when you’re around heat. A pair can handle temperatures up to a whopping 932° Fahrenheit, so tasks like checking on piping hot dishes and moving grill grates and oven racks are safely handled. Boiling lobsters or pasta, or doing some canning? Go for a waterproof pair that is just as protective. 

A lining of Aramid built into the gloves is where the heat-shielding power comes from. The material is similar to Kevlar and is often used in flame-resistant and heat-protective clothing. On the outside, a silicone coating gives the flexible gloves extra grip. So you can feel more confident and safer when you’re around high heat.

Grommet sells both variants of Grill Armor Gloves: Knitted Grill Armor Gloves and the Waterproof Grill Armor Oven Latex Gloves.


Quick Questions

How heat-resistant are these?

These gloves are heat resistant up to 932° Fahrenheit. They are EN407 certified oven and grilling gloves and provide the highest heat rating for protective gloves on the market today. 

Please do not use gloves over recommended max temperature. Contact temperature(F)(C) and threshold time in second(s)* as certified by EN407, CTC Safety Agency:
932° Fahrenheit (500° Celcius) 12s to 14s
662° Fahrenheit (350° Celcius) 16s to 18s
482° Fahrenheit (250° Celcius) 21s to 23s
212° Fahrenheit (100° Celcius) 55s to 61s
*The time at which the inner surface temperature of the gloves becomes uncomfortable for the user.


What materials are used to make these gloves heat- and flame-resistant?

The secret to the effectiveness of these heat-resistant gloves is that they feature an inside lining made from Aramid (similar to Kevlar), cotton, and polyester. Aramid is used for making both flame-resistant clothing and heat-protective clothing—keeping your hands safe while also being comfortable and easy to use. Aramid fibers are a class of heat-resistant and extremely durable synthetic fibers.


How do I care for the gloves?

To clean the gloves, machine wash on cotton setting with non-chlorine bleach only. Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach as this may damage protective outer lining of glove. Air dry only. 

To treat stains, spot-treat with pre-wash stain remover and allow to sit for several minutes before washing. Wash regularly to prevent grease build up on gloves. To dry the gloves, wring out lightly after washing and place on drying rack or clothesline to air dry. Do not use gloves while still wet as this can allow heat to penetrate glove.
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