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How to Cook a Perfect Medium Rare Steak with the Reverse Sear Method

Here we have an easy to follow recipe for you as to how to cook medium rare steak perfectly with the adoption of the reverse sear method.

So, without wasting any time, check out this preparation method. People love searing their steaks as this cooking technique "locks in juices" and adds flavour.

Moreover, this technique all runs on the flipping, swirling formula.

In this reverse sear method, one has to follow the rule of setting the temperature at a low scale.

If you have set the higher temperature, then less evenly your steak is going to be cooked.

So, follow this cooking technique and cook your steak on low temperature. The more gently your steak is going to be cooked, the more evenly and medium rare it will come out to be!

Why This Reverse Sear Method Is So Much Loved?

Whenever a person wishes to have a medium-rare steak, then he loves to go for a reverse sear preparation method.

This cooking tip gives better browning results to your steak. In addition, you get a crispy and darkly browned crust.

This method manages to rock and amplify your steakhouse quality.

This is one of the biggest reasons that the reverse sear technique is garnering and collecting massive attention.

In other words, it is marked as an infallible way to cook and prepare a medium-rare steak perfectly.

This is termed as a restaurant-quality method. You easily get to achieve a perfect and highly delicious medium/medium-rare steak throughout.

So, if you count yourself as one of the super meat-nerds, then do follow this method.
Giving you other guidelines. for rare, you can have temperature up to 125 f. For Medium Rare, the temperature should be set at 130 f.

For a medium steak, set and adjust the temperature up to 140 f. Carry a meat thermometer too.

For this reverse sear method, your meat piece has to be least 1.5 inches thick. It is high time to bring an incredible crust on your steak!

Follow and try out this cooking time and give a tasty appearance to your steak cuts.

How To Cook A Perfect Medium Rare Steak- The Reverse Sear Method

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First of all, you have to collect all the needed and required ingredients. You need to have one behemoth thick steak.

Most importantly, it has to be at least 1" thick. The golden rule of preparing and cooking a steak, it is that the thicker, the better.

Furthermore, you need Salt and pepper to taste.

Regarding the general instructions of opting a reverse sear method, keep in mind that you have to preheat your oven to 135c/275f.

Your steaks have to be well-seasoned. You can place them on a baking tray, it will be then great.

They take about 45-60 minutes to reach to a medium-rare zone. After removing them, give them some rest for about a time frame of 10-15 minutes.

Lastly, sear steaks for exactly one minute on each of the sides.

Step 1: Seasoning The Pieces of Steak

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Seasoning the steak is the very first step and process of preparing a steak.

To have a medium-rare steak, do keep in mind to season it perfectly and professionally.

Go for thick-cut steaks and season them well. You can go and opt for ribeyes if you want to.

Otherwise, you can start to cook and prepare any kind of thick steak. You can season them generously and fully with salt and pepper.

Season these cuts on all of the sides. After that, you can place and keep those steak pieces right on a wire rack set.

Place rimmed baking sheet on that rack set. However, if any of you is planning to cook and prepare steaks on a grill, then what he or she can do is to skip the rack and also pan.

To get excellent and better tasty results, you can even refrigerate your seasoned steaks in an uncovered form.

Do that for overnight. This is important for the sake of drying out their exteriors.

Step 2: Preheating Your Oven

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The next step of this reverse sear method is to start to preheat your oven. There is an option for you.

The cook can preheat the oven all up to and exclusively anywhere in between the temperature range of 200 and 275°F (93 and 135°C).

In addition, the lower you go in terms of setting the temperature, the more evenly and best results you will get.

Moreover, the lower temperature range will cook your steak evenly and thoroughly. But make sure that your cooking time will become longer as well.

If your oven works great and exceptionally well. then you can set and adjust even lower temperature range.

All those who are preparing and cooking their steak outdoors, they can come up with a two-zone fire area.

In other words, they can bank chimney of coals under the grill.

Step 3: Slowly and Gradually Cook Your Steak

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You have to slowly cook your steak. This is only how you can have the perfect and tasty medium-rare steak bite in your mouth.

It is on the baking sheet that you can place and lie down your steaks. Or you can get a rack for yourself.

You can do this job in the oven too. Roast this steak of yours until and unless it reaches and hit the temperature range of 10 to 15°F.

Do get a good and high-quality BBQ grilling thermometer for this specific job.

This way, you can keep an eye regarding when your steak will reach to perfect medium rare spot.

Moreover, if any of you is making use of a grill, then he or she needs to place the steaks completely and directly on the cooler grill section.

This way, your steaks will be able to get cooked gently. Go for indirect heat mode always while preparing a steak.

Step 4: Reverse Sear Your Steak

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The next step is to reverse sear your steak. As soon as your steak comes out from the oven zone, then you have to grab a heavy skillet.

In that skillet, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil. You can go for any other kind and type of high-temp-friendly oil. Pour it in your heavy skillet.

Allow it to preheat. When you see and notice that oil has started to give out smoke, then you can place your steaks on that skillet.

Furthermore, add a tablespoon of normal butter as well. Allow all of these items to cook. You can swirl and lift your steak if you want to.

Just do that occasionally and that is enough. Moreover, your steaks have to be nicely browned right on the first side.

This whole job and process of reverse searing will only take about 45 seconds. Then you can flip the side of your steak.

Perform this same job on the other side.

Step 5: Giving Finishing To Your Medium-Rare Steak

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The second last step is to give finishing touches to your medium-rare steak.

Once your steak has performed and completed its job on the grill, then what you need to do is to remove the steaks.

After that, you can tent them with the help of a foil and start making the biggest fire with the assistance of your gas burners.

They have to be turned on at their full blast. In addition, their lids have to be down so that they can be perfectly and ideally preheated.

You can even add extra coals if you want to. When you see that the fire has started to become and turn out to be rip-roaring hot, then you can further cook your steaks right over the hot side.

You can flip them after every few of the seconds time frame. Do this job until and unless you see that your steaks have become crispy and also charred all over.

Step 6: Ready To Be Served!

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Your medium rare steak is now ready to be served.

To serve the steaks as soon as possible and immediately If you want to give them a rest for a minute duration, you can do that for sure.

But if you have prepared reverse-seared steaks, then there is no need to give a rest time to them.


This is how you can cook a perfect and delicious medium rear steak with the help of the reverse sear method.

If you have already tried out this method, then share your feedback with us. Hopefully, you will like this mentioned reverse searing method.

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