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A Complete Guide to Cold Smoking Meat!

Today we are going to discuss everything about Cold Smoking meat.

It will be a complete guide for you. It contains all the details that are related to the Cold Smoking Meat process. 

Spending time with family and friends is the best way to relax.

It not only elevates your mood but also helps your relationships to get stronger.

They say if you want to win someone's heart then food is the best option for it. 

Having a proper barbeque or some gathering can be the best thing to do.

You need to know the right ways to cold smoking meat if you wish to be the start of the event. 

So, let's get started with the fun stuff, shall we?

Without taking more of your precious time we will head straight towards the collection of amazing information on the related topic.

You will be able to know everything essential about Cold Smoking meat. You will get to know all the stuff to perform it well. 

It will make sure you do not make any mistakes while you are Cold Smoking meat. You will also get to know which one is the best here.

So brace yourself and get ready to have everything of Cold Smoking meat. 

What is Cold Smoking?


To put it in simple words, cold smoking is a process in which preservers coexist with curing.

This results in adding a certain smoky flavour to the meat.

Some food products won't need curing like meat. Instead, you can cold smoke them and it would last for months even without refrigerator.

It is not cooking the meat for providing it with a smoky flavour. The interesting thing is that it is not only just applicable to meat.

You can smoke other types of food like nuts, tofu, and other vegetables.

It may also provide a smokey flavour to olives and hard-boiled eggs for you. It makes these eatables more desiring and you will love to eat and serve them.

The smokey flavour makes these eatable more yearning and amazing.

If you take a glance at the basic process, here are the steps:

  • First, the meat is cured so there is no excess moisture left. This extraction allows bacterial growth to inhibit.
  • Next, the meat is left exposed to the smoke which brings the particular smoky flavour. Note that the smoking process requires time like hours to sometimes days. The time completely depends on the product.

The secret behind the distinctive flavour is to expose the meat to smoke but without excess heat.

You must keep the food below 90°F or it won't be cold smoking.

To achieve this target, keep the food in a chamber that is not heated and the smoke is pumped from another chamber.

If you look at the historical background, you will be surprised to know. The process goes a long way back and was often in use to preserve meat.

So it remains intact throughout the winter as the availability was paltry.

In fact, in western culture, a farm would have a smokehouse. It was a building specifically for storing meats and smoking.

It is here because people there love to have a taste of a smokey flavour in them. It makes the dishes more delicious and appealing to eat better. 

Hot Smoking vs Cold Smoking


People often debate about hot and cold smoking, differences, and benefits. Hot smoking is like its name, the smoke comes from combustion.

The temperature required to cook the meat should be high and around 225° – 250°F.

Often the meat remains in the same chamber where the fuel burns and heats up.

The meat prepared via hot smoking is usually eaten after it's smoked and is hot.

As the temperature for hot smoking is above the danger zone, there is no curing required.

The temperature itself is high enough to kill any present bacteria/pathogens in the meat.

But you can eat bland smoked meat, you will have to marinate it beforehand to add flavours. Like cold smoking, hot smoking also takes a good amount of time.

It sometimes needs hours or even days if the brisket cuts are larger. In short, the time here depends on the amount/size and type of meats.

What types of Food is Best for Cold Smoking?


When one thinks of cold smoking, the very first thought is either salmon or salami. But there are a lot more options and a range of foods that you can cold smoke.

If you are a novice, the best option for you is Cheese as it comes with minimal risks. As for salami or salmon, professionals can handle it better.

Once you get a sturdy grip on the procedure, the risk factor would be lesser. Apart from meats, there are a few foods that can be a great start for you.

  • nuts
  • veggies
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • garlic
  • olives
  • tofu

As for meat, bacon is a smart choice with low risk as it's cooked before serving. So if it inhibits any vile pathogens that would be killed.

Tips for Cold Smoking Safely


People might feel intrigued by it and want to try it but the fact is; cold smoking is not for all.

The procedure requires practice, patience, and precision for accomplishment.

Also, you need to all set to invest not only your money but time to get hands-on the right setup. Here are some tips that might be handy for the novice.

1) Make Sure You Follow Expert Recipes


With something that can go wrong with one mistake, you can only rely on experts.

So when it comes to cold smoking and its recipes, don't pay heed to people around.

No matter how promising someone sounds about being a pro-cold-smoker. You should only engage in creating recipes that are from experts.

Several books and experts are out there to share their intrigue recipes that you can follow.

2) Use Cold Smoking Followed by Another Cooking Method

You can follow cold-smoking by other methods also.

Though there are a few ways to do this the easiest one is here.

First, cure your meat and then cold smoke it. Once done, you can cook it before eating.

Isn't it amazing?

Again the National Center for Home Food Preservation urges to follow this. You must cook the cold-smoked foods at 160°F before eating them.

The statement can be a gentle reminder that cold smoke neither cooks nor cure the products. 

Apart from that, there is another option for cold smoking. Be careful while doing this, smoke the meat when it's raw.

But avoid it from reaching high temperatures. This trick brings the signature smoky flavour to the meat.

It will be a good mix of flavours at the same time when you experiment with ney types of food items.

But this mixing of different flavours would be amazing because of the Cold Smoking meat gives a new aroma to the dishes. 

DIY Cold Smoker Setup


For all those people who are by now intrigued by cold smoking, here is a little something.

As you can't use the usual combustion methods of producing smoke.

Usually, for cold smoking, an external firebox is used that pumps in the chambers via pipes.

The smoke travels through the pipes and cools until it reaches the end.

For better control of the heat, keep a vent in the firebox that helps you with fire and smoke produced.

Food that is to be smoked will be in the smoking chamber. This chamber is a separate container.

Also, it's suggested to install racks in this chamber so the results are finer.

Not only will this provide a vent for the airflow but it will keep the temp in control and would be a smart use of the space.

There are no certain limitations about the chamber, let it be a wooden barrel or plastic cooler.

Further, you can place ice cubes as some people think it helps in maintaining the temp.

The level would remain in control and won't excite, nor will it allow bacterial growth.

Even though this procedure of creating a cold smoker seems like a challenge. But there are a lot of products in the market to make things facile for DIYs.

They will create some efficient and useful equipment at an amazingly low budget. The best part is that the result of this investment would be great.

It is because it will provide almost the same result as the original Cold Smoking Meat equipment available in the market. 

Cold Smoking Cheese


You might feel like cold smoking is something you can't do after reading about botulism. Or the level of risks and infections involved making it a fiasco.

But we have something that will for sure cheer you up. You can always try new things and if cold smoking is one of them. Try it with cheese.

Yes, you heard it right!

Within only 2-4 hours you can get amazing results via cold smoking.

And that too without any associated risks like that of meat or fish, etc. Be careful that the cheese doesn't melt.

The cheese will remain solid below 90°F so keep a keen eye on the chamber and temperature.

In cold/cool weather, the temperature remains low and smoking becomes easy.

As for the warm months, morning is an ideal time to smoke your cheese. The temperature is quite cool in the evenings or morning making them suitable.

If the weather is too hot throughout the day then try placing some ice in the chamber. By doing this the air remains cool and cheese won't melt.

For finer and profound results, it's suggested to cut the cheese in small pieces. Or else the flavour won't penetrate deep inside and you will get bland results.

Then you must keep on turning the cheese so the flavours sit-in well and the smoke covers every corner and chunk.

It is often preferred to bring the cheese to room, temperature before smoking.

When the temperature varies, you often see moisture on the surface. To avoid this phenomenon, the above-mentioned trick works like magic.

When the smoking period is over, remove the cheese and wrap it in some plastic wrap. Store in the refrigerator as the flavours will be more intense and enhanced.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

These are the best ways through which you can perform the Cold Smoking Meat process easily.

It also comes with a set of precautions that will make sure you stay safe in case of any problem. 

I am sure that you will love every bit of content available in this article to the extent of your heart.

The reason behind it is that all the information here is properly researched for the readers to have a better understanding.

The content in here is well organized to make sure every bit of information about cold smoking meat is available easily.

All of these qualities make every piece of information authentic and useful for the readers. 

We hope that after gaining all the information about the Cold Smoking Meat you will have a better understanding of the process.

But if there is still something which is left unclear then there is no need to worry at all. The good thing is that we are here for the rescue. 

You can ask us anything which you find difficult to understand and we will provide you with an easy and viable solution.

It will rectify all your problems and the confusion associated with them.

In the end, we want you to stay connected with us for new and useful updates. It will contain all the topics that will spark your interests and desires.

Until then we wish you to have a great Time while cold smoking meat perfectly.

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