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A Definitive Guide to Charcoal Water Smokers! (Guide)

Have you ever heard about Charcoal Water Smokers? If not, then we can give you a briefing about this product.

If you have just initiated and started smoking for cooking, then you can for sure consider using a water smoker.

Furthermore, some people like to call it with the name of bullet smoker. It is shaped in the form of an upright bullet.

Moreover, it is simple to operate. It is immensely loved by competition cooks.

Characteristics Of Charcoal Water Smokers

Most importantly, talking about the size of Charcoal Water Smoker, it is space-friendly.

It contains a small footprint. You can say that this smoker is about the size range of a kettle grill.

So, if you are running out of space or you have a limited deck, then it is better to use this smoker.

Moreover, it comprises a unique design. Its settings of thermodynamics ensure and guarantee a consistent kind of temperature range from 225 to 250 degrees. It is injected with a water pan.

In this way, your food will remain moist and will not get dry for about 8 or 10 hours of smoking. This product comprises and surrounded by tri-part construction.

This construction will make it hassle-free for you to add charcoal and also wood anytime.

Sections Of A Charcoal Water Smoker

Three sections are embedded in almost every single Charcoal Water Smoker. The first one is the firebox.

This is a metal bowl present on legs. It comes with a grate located at the bottom of this smoker to firmly hold the charcoal.

The second part of this smoker consists of a water chamber. This one is a large and cylindrical mid-section.

It is accompanied by an access door that is present and there in the front section for adding up any charcoal or wood.

Moreover, this same section consists of a deep water bowl that is positioned exactly between the fire and the cook chamber.

The last section of this Charcoal Water Smoker is the cook chamber. It is located above the water bowl and this same section extends and reaches to the top section to hold the food.

Besides, it is inducted with a dome-shaped lid. And this lid main function is to hold all of the heat and smoke.

Charcoal Water Smokers Are Easy To Use

You might be wondering why the demand for Charcoal Water Smokers is rising day by day, it is because of their ease of use.

You only need to light charcoal right in a chimney starter. And then you have to pile the embers completely in the charcoal ring.

Fill up the metal bowl with water. Place the food on wire racks. Start adding wood chips to the coals.

You can even adjust the vents if you want to for getting needed and the desired temperature.

What To Do If Charcoal Water Smoker Is Running Too Hot Or Too Cool?

If your smoker is operating and running too hot, then what you need to do is to close the bottom vent or the top vent.

Besides, you can add cool water to the water pan. If none of the options works to reduce the temperature, then you can remove a few of the charcoal with the help of tongs.

On the other hand, if your smoker is running too cool, then the user needs to open up the vents wide.

Upon bringing more oxygen and hotter fire will solve your problem. You can add additional charcoal lumps as well.

How Charcoal Water Smokers Are Different From Other Smokers?

Their USP is their dependability on moisture. These smokers manage to maintain thorough and consistent smoking temperature settings.

It is this filled water pan that acts as a barrier. And provide you with the best-case scenario so that you can enjoy low and slow cooking times if you wish so!

You can even pump up the flavor and taste by fusing water with the addition of beer, wine or cider, onions.

Pros Of Using Charcoal Water Smokers

There are lots of advantages if you plan to use a Charcoal Water Smoker.

These eater smokers burn charcoal and give you extreme and immense satisfaction of playing with wood, charcoal and fire.

They are budget-friendly. You can conveniently buy them. In addition, they have few moving parts and simple to use.

They hardly malfunction. They can last for years if you maintain and clean them on strict notes.

Moreover, these water smokers are lightweight. Or you can say they are relatively portable. They are available in space-friendly designs.

Why Some People Avoid Using A Charcoal Water Smoker?

It might be because of the fact that these smokers give you limited cooking area. Its process of refueling, while you are cooking, can somewhat be difficult for the user.

Besides, it becomes tough for the user to control the temperature settings.

Guide to buy a Charcoal water smoker

Do keep in mind the size factor. It will be great if you buy the largest and vertical charcoal smoker. Or buy that one that comes with at least two grates.

Look for the option whose firebox consists of one or more vents.

It should have a well-fitting door. If its construction looks and seems solid, then that is great. High-end water smoker parts, they manage to fit and adjust together tightly.

It will be super best if your water smoker has handles on both of the sides of a cooking chamber.
Lastly, you can look for the factors if your smoker is included with a built-in thermometer. It needs to offer warranty conditions.


Now, we are waiting for the fact regarding when you will start using these water smokers. Hopefully, you will have a much satisfactory and highly relaxing cooking time.

If you are grilling chicken or you plan to cook pork on the lower grate, then you can try this option.

Keep in touch with us as we will keep on sharing more of the easy to follow guides and great product reviews with you.

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