8 Best Small Gas Grills Review [Updated Guide of 2021]

8 Best Small Gas Grills Review [Updated Guide of 2021]

Nowadays grilling has become a part of our lives.

If you go out in the market to buy a new barbeque grill for yourself, then you will have a million types of barbeque grills.

These include a sophisticated pellet grill and smoker, reliable gas grill traditional and nice charcoal grill.

You will have to choose among all these types according to your convenience and wish.

let's get started with the real part, shall we?

Nowadays, a small gas grill is being used the most, because of its reliable and most amazing features.

Today in this article we will give a detailed description of the best small gas grills.

By reading this article you will have crystal clear vision of buying the best small gas grill according to your requirement.


According to our detailed analysis, the 8 best small gas grills are:

1- The Weber Spirit II Gas Grill

The Weber Spirit II Gas Grill

This is the overall best small gas grill available in the market. And this is the reason why it is on the top on our list.

The thing which makes this gas grill the best among all the other gas grills available in the market is its GS4 grilling system which has a superb design and craft.

This system has a highly reliable infinity ignition system.It has three 10,000 BTU burners.

Its infinity ignition system can start all these three BTU burners at a time. This is the factor that makes this small gas burner ahead of all the others.

As it is a small gas grill so 30000 BTUs are good enough for it. These burners are located beneath the flavourizer bars which are used to spread the heat evenly.

Cleaning of its interior is also very easy as the burners are located above the grease management system.

The other wonderful feature which this best small gas grill offers is the 529 square inches of cooking space.

It also has multiple tool hooks on which you can hang things like a fork, a spatula, tongs, and many more things of this type.

It also has a durable porcelain-coated iron cooking grates.

This small gas grill is known for exceptional performances and for cooking perfect foods time after time.

Now discussing it's most wonderful and safety feature. it gives you a massive 10-year warranty on all of its parts.

This means that you need not worry about any part of your gas grill for a minimum of 10 years.

This gives you plenty of confidence in Weber's spirit gas grill.


  •   Overall best small gas grill
  •   Excellent ignition system
  •   Heats evenly and quickly
  •   10-year massive warranty on all parts


  •   No handle

2- Dyna-Glo Smart Living Gas Grill

Dyna-Glo Smart Living Gas Grill

The runner-up in our list of the best small gas grills is the Dyna-Glo Smart Living Gas Grill. it is the best compact gas grill available in the market.

If you are a person who loves grilling but you live in a townhouse with a small yard, or an apartment with the balcony or in any house with a limited small outdoor space then this small gas grill is a perfect choice for you.

It has 390 square inches of cooking space. But if you count its upper shelf as well then it makes more than 500 square inches of total cook surface.

It has three 12000 BTU burners. It means with a total of 36000 BTUs you can have massive heat to cook any type of food.

With these features, it has a great competition with our top pick which is the Weber Spirit gas grill.

It also has two folding side tables on which you can store and fall of food for cooking. You can also please your grill tools on it.

The best thing about these side tables is that they are handy and foldable so they can fit on the smallest patio or balcony.

This best small gas grill has a very lightweight of 77 lbs. Moving this gas grill is also easy as it has 4 caster wheels.

It also gives you a more economical price range with worth considering features.

Its five-year warranty is the thing in which losses from our top pick. But even then five years is a hell of a time so you can trust it.


  •   Best Compact gas grill
  •   Easy to move
  •   Low price
  •   Easy to assemble


  •   Uneven heating

3- Cuisinart's robust Gas grill

    Cuisinart's robust Gas grill

    The next in our list is the multi-use best small gas grills in the market. Cuisinart has provided us with the best gas grills within affordable prices.

    This is a 3-in-1 Five burner gas grill. It provides you a total BTUs of 48000. Its cooking space is 435 square inches. You can use it for multitasking.

    You can get it up to 500 plus degrees to grill steaks, then you can bring it down to 220 range while using the smoking tube,

    And at the same time, you can use the 12000 BTU side burner to boil shellfish and you will notice that everything will work perfectly well.

    This best small gas grill features of study grills caster, with which you can take your grill on any off-road and also across the rocks.

    There are even better than Weber charcoal grills. Now the most amazing feature is its 15-year warranty which is massive of all.

    So do not even think of having a faulty operation with this one. This is the most versatile grill so go buy it without wasting any time.


    •   Study and stainless steel
    •   Handy glass window
    •   Good heat control
    •   15-year warranty


    •   Doesn't have a cover

    4- The Broil King Natural Gas grill

      The Broil King Natural Gas grill

      The next in our list of the best small gas grills is the broil king's natural gas grill.

      As it is a natural gas grill so you need not worry about dealing with a propane tank. You can use the natural gas line of your house.

      Natural gas is more environmentally friendly, more convenient, and also affordable.

      Using your natural gas, you will never come across a situation of running out of fuel.

      It's cooking space is 625 square inches with a total of 55000 BTUs which is more than enough to heat any type of food.

      This best small gas grill is also ideal for slow cooking and can easily maintain a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

      So it is the best choice for grilled pizza, roast, and racks of ribs which requires low heating.

      It office you are great storage space for tools, wood chips, and grilling planks or whatever you want to place, as it has built-in shapes inside the large 2 door cabinet.

      It has a sidebar on the left and a tray on the right. Another beautiful feature is that its control knobs are also illuminated with LED lights in the night time, which gives it a remarkable ambiance.

      It also gives you a 2-year standard warranty on all of its parts and paints which is also quiet enough for the security of the gas grill.


      •   Massive cooking surface
      •   Side burner
      •   LED illuminated knobs


      •   Occasional difficulty with the electric starter

      5- Lynx Natural Gas grill

        Lynx Natural Gas grill

        Talking about the Luxurious best small gas grills, the lynx natural gas grill takes the crown.

        If you are in a market to buy the most attractive gas grill and also for a lifetime investment, then you surely will stop at this gas grill.

        This best small gas grill is also recommended by chef David Rose of Food Network and ABC's Good Morning America.

        Now discussing its features, first of all, you will get an entirely different look, nuts, and bolts.

        Its burners are made up of ceramic which is capable of maintaining and radiating the heat better than stainless steel aluminum and even brass.

        So it means its maintenance of heat is much better than the other ones. And the other good thing is that it never corrodes which makes it durable.

        Another amazing feature is that you can handle this gas grill from the MyChef app. So Technologically it is much ahead of all the other gas grills.

        This best small gas grill also has a motorized rotisserie. It also features LED control illumination and dual halogen surface lights which makes it much more eye-catching and attractive.

        Also, offer you a 5-year warranty on all of its parts and a lifetime warranty on its stainless steel body the cooking grates, and the burners.

        So if you can afford this then you need not think about any other gas grill. Hurry up and buy it.


        •   Virtually indestructible
        •   Superior warranty
        •   The most luxury gas grill


        •   Extremely expensive

        6- Char-Broil Gas grill

          Char-Broil Gas grill

          This gas grill is also one of the best small gas grills in the market. It offers you a cooking space of 300 square inches. This gas grill offers a slightly less power at 24000 BTUs.

          This is easy to clean as it is porcelain coated and its grease pan is also removable.

          It also features you are a storage cabinet which is enough to store any accessories.

          It also has a side table fold which makes it compact and a perfect choice for restricted space.

          The other amazing feature is its lockable casters with which you can easily move from one place to another.


          •   Easy to clean
          •   Lockable casters
          •   Compact


          •   Doesn't have a cover

          7- COLEMAN Roadtrip Portable Gas grill

            COLEMAN Roadtrip Portable Gas grill

            Talking about the portable best small gas grills, the Coleman road trip gas grill takes the crown.

            If you are a person of camping picnicking and boating with friends and family then this is your best choice.

            It has a small 285 square inches cooking area with the 20000 BTUs of power. It can easily be fitted into your car and can be taken anywhere.

            Its maintenance and cleaning are also very easy. The best feature which gives is the E swappable and interchangeable grill, griddle, and stovetop plates with which you can customize your cooking experience easier.

            So if you want to choose a gas grill for camping and picnicking then do not go for any other one except this.


            •   Portable
            •   Interchangeable features
            •   Easy to clean


            •   No warranty

            8- Fuego Element Carbon Steel Gas grill

            Fuego Element Carbon Steel Gas grill

            Last but not the least, this is also one of the best small gas grills. It has a unique design with an innovative tech approach to grilling.

            The feature due to which it is added up in the list of the best small gas grill is that it can heat up to 500 degrees in just 5 minutes.

            It has a dual-zone heating system. It also offers you slow cooking.

            With its unique design and you can easily use it in a restricted and small space. It is a perfect choice for tech-minded grillers.


            •   Unique design
            •   Tech approach
            •   500 degrees in 5 minutes


            •   Expensive

            What to Look for In A Small Grill?

            Best Small Gas Grills


            For the small grills, Portability is the most important factor to consider.

            Some of the grills are designed to be brought out of your house while some are designed to have permanent space in your house.

            You must choose your grill according to your lifestyle and space.

            Cooking Space:

            Cooking space is a critical element to consider with small girls.

            If you are having the grill for your family and friends then you must be well aware of the cooking space which you require.

            You must choose the gas grill which has the cooking space according to your requirement.

            Bringing the Heat:

            BTU/hr is the unit that defines the amount of gas a grill can use and the amount of heat it can create.

            The more the BTU/hr the faster the preheating and the better cooking a gas grill will give. So look for a model that gives you more BTU/hr.


            I hope that I have given you good enough guidance about the best small gas grills. All the information is authentic and thoroughly research.

            After reading this article it will be very easy for you to choose the best small gas grill according to your requirement. Everything is described in an organized manner.

            We have tried our best to cover all the topics and information, yet if something is left then you can ask freely. We will surely guide you.

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