Silicone Grill Armor Gloves

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Gloves Benefits

2 Gloves - One Size Fits Most - Fits Both Left Or Right Hand

Heat Resistant For Temperatures Up To 425F Degrees Fahrenheit

Totally 100% Waterproof For Handling Hot Liquids In The Kitchen Or The Grill

Five Fingers Flex Design, With Articulate Thumbs & Fingers

Non-Slip Texture For Superb Grip And Extra Safety

Easy Cleaning, Dishwasher Safe


Premium Quality FDA Approved, BPA-Free Food Grade Silicone

You can return your gloves for a full refund, no questions asked. Every purchase includes a lifetime replacement warranty. We accept most major credit cards.  

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"These gloves are fantastic. I make a lot of dishes in heavy cookware and had such a hard time keeping my grip or moving the large cast iron pots. These are perfect because your whole hand is protected -- no more burns on the top of your hands, while giving you better control over what you are handing than a classic oven mitt. They're also a lifesaver if you are making anything at the top end of the temperature range."

P.J. Larson

"The gloves really work! I used them to remove hot trays from the oven, in addition to not feeling any heat at all the trays didn't slip out of my hand. I was anxious to use them while grilling and they really made the whole experience much easier. I was not worried about getting burned when I was turning the food."


"Love these gloves! I have small hands and love to bake, so I often run into problems of almost losing my grip on whatever I'm pulling out of the oven. These gloves give me a much better grip on hot cookie trays and pie dishes than the standard oven mitt. It's also a lot easier to grab oddly-shaped dishes with the dexterity of the glove, as opposed to oven mitts where you don't have a lot of control over what you're grabbing."


"I do quite a bit of smoking and it can get dicey trying to add wood chips or more water mid-smoke with your bare hands. Using oven mitts really isn't an option due to the dexterity required. These gloves seem to get the job done much better and clean up real nice."

J. Smith

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